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This forum is used by customers of Open eSignForms who may be programming their own web contracts, or by open source developers working on the platform code.

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Tying a ToDo to the initiator of a transaction 3/22/17
Inline API integration 3/19/17
ANN: Open eSignForms release 17.3.18 Open eSignForms 3/18/17
Changing signature input field height 3/16/17
Testing Production PDFs 3/13/17
Configuring HTTP Send Data action 3/7/17
Querying strategy support 3/6/17
There was an error converting your completed documents to a PDF file. Jay Romos 3/3/17
Changing formatting for Signatures and SigantureDate 3/2/17
New Install Jay Romos 3/2/17
View Testing document: Sorry, your request cannot be found. Jay Romos 3/2/17
Mapping fields from one document to another in the same transaction 2/27/17
ANN: Open eSignForms 17.2.11 released Open eSignForms 2/25/17
Filtering ToDos by group, alphabetically, by clientName or emailTo. 2/25/17
Creating custom Disclosure + Package 2/24/17
Programming a calculation across fields in a table 2/23/17
Adding dropdown fields to document 2/23/17
Switching between documents in a transaction with required fields 2/21/17
Taking documents out of production while transactions in process 2/21/17
Image access across libraries 2/20/17
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