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This forum is used by customers of Open eSignForms who may be programming their own web contracts, or by open source developers working on the platform code.

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Facing issue to create DB for Open eSignForms for postgres in Windows. NEST 7/20/15
ANN: Released Open eSignForms version 15.7.11 Open eSignForms 7/13/15
Access Control - UI Views throwing error IQuant Operations 6/19/15
CSS Best Practices IQuant Operations 6/5/15
XML & PDF Digital Signatures (X.509 Certificates) Theodis Butler 6/1/15
GitHub Repository IQuant Operations 5/28/15
ANN: Released Open eSignForms version 15.5.23_p0527 Open eSignForms 5/28/15
Legality of a signature when signer isn't logged into own computer Leslie Strom 5/16/15
Unselecting a radio button Leslie Strom 5/12/15
Leading zeros Leslie Strom 5/12/15
Require a number to start with a 9 Leslie Strom 4/29/15
Timer syntax Leslie Strom 4/29/15
Highlighting data differences to show up in final document Leslie Strom 4/21/15
Dropdown triggering subsequent dropdowns to match first selection Leslie Strom 4/9/15
Error after logging in Aurora Pariseau 4/9/15
Error on tomcat startup Aurora Pariseau 4/9/15
ANN: Released Open eSignForms version 15.2.7 Open eSignForms 4/7/15
Error on rundbsetup Aurora Pariseau 4/7/15
Issue with Cygwin scripts Aurora Pariseau 4/4/15
Hide the "return to the document list" button? Mike Scool 3/26/15
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