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This forum is used by customers of Open eSignForms who may be programming their own web contracts, or by open source developers working on the platform code.

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ANN: Released Open eSignForms version 14.3.15 Open eSignForms 12/8/14
Help : Dropdown value change between Initial Form Completion & Review Screen Colet Smit 11/21/14
Having trouble switching a document from Test to Production Colet Smit 11/21/14
Installing new SSL Cert Victor Congionti 11/17/14
Not receiving client esign completion emails Victor Congionti 11/10/14
ANN: Open eSignForms Version 14.11.1 released Open eSignForms 11/1/14
Issue in View document snapshot as PDF Ramana Rao K J 10/27/14
Submitting forms Victor Congionti 10/21/14
ANN: Yozons Open eSignForms version 14.9.27 has been released Open eSignForms 10/6/14
Sum Values as they are entered Rudy Jaros 9/11/14
ANN: Open eSignForms release 14.8.23 Open eSignForms 8/29/14
AGPL/OSS hosting is no longer offered by Yozons Open eSignForms 8/26/14
Google Analytics in esignforms Ramana Rao K J 8/22/14
Considering this, need programmer and/or good advice.... 8/20/14
Best way to authenticate users Taylor Brouwer 8/7/14
Programming Guide has been split up Open eSignForms 8/2/14
Append character to a field Victor Congionti 7/30/14
Track shipment of an Item Victor Congionti 7/30/14
ANN: Open eSignForms version 14.7.26 released Open eSignForms 7/25/14
Tally number of pages in summary at end Leslie Strom 7/23/14
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