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This forum is used by customers of Open eSignForms who may be programming their own web contracts, or by open source developers working on the platform code.

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Recipient receives email link but cannot edit and sign JJ Ang 11/8/17
Customizing delay and range of tooltip helper text 10/31/17
Setting transaction status to Completed with custom logic? 10/31/17
Report configuration questions 10/12/17
Creating Environmental Variables & Package Variables 10/7/17
ANN: Open eSignForms 17.10.7 Open eSignForms 10/6/17
There was an error converting your completed documents to a PDF file. Nada Emad 10/2/17
Replacing "Delete this transaction" button with "Cancel this transaction" 10/1/17
Compound Conditional Logic Blair Benjamin 9/26/17
Adding margin/padding only when page-break 9/16/17
Error Message Michael Tranchina 9/15/17
Date field validation Blair Benjamin 9/7/17
Sending an email with status link Blair Benjamin 9/7/17
ANN: Release of Open eSignForms 17.9.2 Open eSignForms 9/1/17
Configuring a more standard "from" address Blair Benjamin 8/31/17
OpenShift v3 deployment Milohas Pastries 8/27/17
Paypal Integration Questions Blair Benjamin 8/25/17
Logic Question - skipping a page in a document Blair Benjamin 8/24/17
Paypal Integration Blair Benjamin 8/18/17
Images not rendering in PDF versions of our eSign docs Blair Benjamin 8/18/17
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