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This forum is used by customers of Open eSignForms who may be programming their own web contracts, or by open source developers working on the platform code.

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ANN: Released Open eSignForms version 14.3.15 Open eSignForms 3/20/14
Creating Databases v14.3.15 Aurora Pariseau 3/19/14
Simple rounding question Victor Congionti 3/9/14
Calculate elapsed time Leslie Strom 3/9/14
Adding sales tax to PayPal invoices? Victor Congionti 3/6/14
ESF.DEPLOYBASE is an unrecognized variable? Aurora Pariseau 3/2/14
PayPal Integration Issues Victor Congionti 2/25/14
ANN: Release of Open eSignForms 14.2.8 Open eSignForms 2/13/14
ANN: HR Onboarding Solutions LLC will resell Yozons Open eSignForms for HR organizations Open eSignForms 2/12/14
Java Exception when running Tomcat in Eclipse Aurora Pariseau 1/27/14
Error on ./rundbsetup Aurora Pariseau 1/27/14
Creating Development Environment Aurora Pariseau 1/26/14
Start Transaction - drop the package and tran template names? Leslie Strom 1/23/14
ANN: Release of Open eSignForms 14.1.4 Open eSignForms 1/20/14
How to create hidden fields in documents 1/13/14
Security scan shows two vulnerabilities on my server Open eSignForms 1/10/14
Masking Confidential Data Victor Congionti 1/10/14
Stalled Transactions? Victor Congionti 1/9/14
drop down to choose file Leslie Strom 1/8/14
Send email after customer signs Open eSignForms 12/30/13
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