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This forum is used by customers of Open eSignForms who may be programming their own web contracts, or by open source developers working on the platform code.

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tips on loading a interactive PDF Paul Evans 3/22/18
Download PFD document through API call Waseem Pasha 3/22/18
Installation on AWS ec2 server: failed to boot system Akash Prajapati 3/21/18
Skip Document review for Customer. Waseem Pasha 3/16/18
ANN: Open eSignForms version 18.3.12 Open eSignForms 3/13/18
API use - like e-mail process, but without email? AndyML 3/12/18
Error: Sorry, your request cannot be found when testing template. Akash Prajapati 3/6/18
Run openEsignForms in Eclipse not working. Waseem Pasha 2/6/18
Changing a signer / signing step Blair Benjamin 2/6/18
API Integration for a front end application 2/1/18
Sorry, the web server had an unexpected error. 1/30/18
Stalled Transactions? Victor Congionti 1/26/18
Java Exception when running Tomcat in Eclipse Aurora Pariseau 1/21/18
ANN: Open eSignForms 18.1.11 release Open eSignForms 1/11/18
Stuck in Open eSignForms Installation Mike 1/9/18
Development contribution Damian Wojtal 1/2/18
Which version of ContOS 7 is capable of deployment of Open esign forms and its dependencies? will a minimal version work all right or do I need full version? 12/23/17
Re: Blank Test Page and Not Sending E-mails on Completed Documents Brian Yarbrough 12/20/17
Pull-down menu with years generated dynamically Blair Benjamin 12/19/17
How to skip document party if one or more fields are blank Blair Benjamin 12/14/17
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