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This forum is used by customers of Open eSignForms who may be programming their own web contracts, or by open source developers working on the platform code.

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Error on startup Milohas Pastries 3/7/16
OpenESF on OpenShift(Alternative to Shared Hosting) Justin Yaple 3/5/16
Error message and cannot change "Review Only" to "Review and Edit" Michael Tranchina 3/4/16
Hide field based on party Milohas Pastries 2/26/16
Photo upload field options Leslie Strom 2/25/16
ANN: Release of Open eSignForms 16.2.13 Open eSignForms 2/22/16
Connecting Two Packages Brandon 2/19/16
Party: ESR_reports_access? Michael Tranchina 2/12/16
Customizing Electronic Signature Process Record Milohas Pastries 2/10/16
How to use image overlay Milohas Pastries 2/8/16
Very Basic Configuration Instructions Network Operations 1/30/16
Remove Iframe cover shim IQuant Operations 1/19/16
ANN: Release of Open eSignForms 16.1.16 Open eSignForms 1/19/16
Legally obtaining a signature for court of law Dan Broughan 1/16/16
Missing Deployment Settings for Superadmin 1/14/16
ANN: Release of Open eSignForms version 15.12.19 Open eSignForms 1/13/16
Methods to ensure Unique email or EIN transactions IQuant Operations 1/9/16
UI Views Erroring IQuant Operations 12/31/15
Text Box Brandon 12/5/15
setting up redundant server for e-sign Keshav Rao 12/1/15
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