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how-to or beginner resources on supporter badge development? David Carroll 5:59 AM
Requisites to be issuer Eduardo Gutiérrez 4:05 AM
Recommend Third Party Eduardo Gutiérrez 4:02 AM
resources in open format to localize in several languages images and papers Alvar Maciel 4/15/14
Curiosumé (Semantic Resumé/CV) - Integration with OpenBadges 4/15/14
Spanish wiki page DONE! Alvar Maciel 4/15/14
Open Badges Calls: Wed. 16 April 2014 Mozilla OpenBadges 4/15/14
Workshop on Open Badges in Education @ ICWL2014 - 2nd Call for Papers Jelena Jovanovic 4/14/14
Google Course Builder works Eduardo Gutiérrez 4/12/14
2000 OpenBadges orgs Ed Jones 4/12/14
Access to BadgeKit Ana Rute Mendes 4/11/14
Open Badges Calls: Wed. 9 April 2014 Mozilla OpenBadges 4/7/14
Badge Issuing Data Available? Neil Bachelor 4/5/14
Analytics from openbadges backpack? Steve Lonn 4/4/14
LRMI and Open Badges Phil Barker 4/3/14
Integration with BadgeKit Vu H Tran 4/3/14
Open Badges Calls: Wed. 2 April 2014 Mozilla OpenBadges 4/2/14
Open Badges Research & Badge System Design Call: Wednesday, 02 April Carla Casilli, Badge System Design Lead 4/1/14
Calling all Badge Researchers! (AERA opportunity) Daniel Hickey 3/31/14
Web Developer Wanted for Badge Project Lana Peterson 3/31/14
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