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Degreed Jordi Rosquillas Tovilla 9/15/17
Problem with the openbadges package David Amayuelas.Díaz 9/15/17
Updated URL for openbadges-validator-core 2.0 test server Nate Otto 9/15/17
install badgr server olfa salah 9/15/17
Salesforce trying to patent digital badges? Doug Belshaw 9/13/17
Links (and upcoming events) for Badges #17? Doug Belshaw 9/12/17
Badge Wiki barn raising: 20th September 2017 Doug Belshaw 9/12/17
ORA Community Call: "ESCObadges: badging skills via API" Wed Sep 13, 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST Don Presant 9/8/17
Re: [openbadges] Digest for - 9 updates in 1 topic Rick West 9/8/17
Open Badges in Professional Training Kyle Clements 9/6/17
Re: [openbadges] IELTS, TOELF,Passports, Drivers License, SSN, ID Cards, Visas, Resident Permits,etc(Whatsapp ... +15 Don Presant 9/5/17
Badge News summer survey Doug Belshaw 8/31/17
Badge Wiki barn raising: 23rd August 2017 Doug Belshaw 8/30/17
Links (and upcoming events) for Badges #16? Doug Belshaw 8/30/17
Archives from IMS Open Badges Community Meeting, Aug 17 2017 Jeff Bohrer 8/29/17
ORA Community Call: "Recognizing Real VALUE with STLR Badges" Wed Aug 30, 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST Don Presant 8/25/17
The power of "half-baked" badges Serge Ravet 8/16/17
Links (and upcoming events) for Badges #15? Doug Belshaw 8/15/17
Are there any regular open badges meeting nowadays? Bohdan Andriyiv 8/12/17
ORA Community Call: "Endorsements: Secret Sauce for Open Badges?" Wed Aug 16, 9amPT/12pmET/5pmBST Don Presant 8/11/17
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