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Can Samerse stamps be compliant with Open Badge standard? Bohdan Andriyiv 7/1/15
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Implications and possible positive momentum for badges with theLinkedIn launch of courses? Kai Tobedobedoo 6/25/15
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Initial Findings from Education Design Lab Badge Project mikeo 6/25/15
Join Us Today for the Open Badges Community Call at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT+1 Nate Otto 6/24/15
Quick Survey of Open Bages in Education Graeme Boxwell 6/23/15
Standard Working Group Call Tuesday, June 23, 1030 am PT / 130 pm ET Sunny 6/22/15
Expiration of badges, prolonging expiration, archiving, alerting Szabó Nagy Attila 6/20/15
Fast Company Article - Say Hello To The University Of Microsoft - Worth a Read Megan Cole 6/17/15
Badges in Higher Ed Connie Hayek 6/17/15
Please participate in Julie Woodward's research survey about digital badges Carla Casilli 6/16/15
OpenBadges and Coursera? Kevin Werbach 6/16/15
No Open Badges Community Call - Wednesday, June 17 Megan Cole 6/15/15
Badge System Feature Set? Brett Bixler 6/15/15
Trouble receiving earned badges from Northstar Digital Literacy in Open Badges Camille L Mac Lean 6/15/15
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