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This week's calls Chris Crytzer 3:00 AM
Are these survey results bad news or good news? Kyle Peck (Penn State) 5/26/16
Investment Opportunities in Digital Badges mikeo 5/25/16
This week's calls Chris Crytzer 5/16/16
Micro-Credentials for PD in a school district Scott Swanson 5/15/16
Mozilla Badges Update: Backpack to the Future Chris Crytzer 5/14/16
Message from Carey Hamburg - Distance Learning Launches Digital Credentials Chris Crytzer 5/13/16
Problems with upload my Moodle badge to an account in Mozilla Backpack Michelle Khatib 5/12/16
Fwd: NSPA Call for Conference Session Proposals Nate Otto 5/10/16
This week's Community Call Chris Crytzer 5/10/16
Cannor remove badge KAMI KAMI 5/9/16
Badges with multiple earning pathways Robert Columbia 5/6/16
help running through the 'New Issuers: Give Yourself a Badge' walkthrough 5/6/16
New Urban Institute Report On Digital Badges mikeo 5/4/16
Re: [openbadges] Digest for - 5 updates in 1 topic Carla Casilli, Badges + DigiCred Strategist 5/4/16
REMINDER: Playlists for Learning Office Hours | Thursday, May 5, 2016 @ 1:30-2pm ET Sheryl Grant 5/4/16
Calls this week: Higher Ed & Community Call Nate Otto 5/2/16
Playlists for Learning Challenge archived and upcoming event | May 5, 2016 @1:30-2pm ET Sheryl Grant 4/28/16
Badges for German Refugees mikeo 4/28/16
NPR Marketplace Discussion of Alternative Credentials, Including Badges mikeo 4/27/16
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