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Open Badges 101 course - Update #5: nearly there! Doug Belshaw 2:56 AM
Badge Alliance Leadership and Organization Feedback Opportunity Nate Otto 11/28/15
BadgeKit Self Hosting Kieran Ramnarine 11/28/15
Badges numbers and statistics Federico Giacanelli 11/28/15
Where do I find an Open Badges plugin for Sakai learning platform? Susan Campher 11/26/15
Taxonomies Working Group Update Kerri Lemoie 11/25/15
Open Badges Community Call for today (Nov 25) canceled. Nate Otto 11/25/15
Taxonomies Working Group - Looking for a Co-Lead Kerri Lemoie 11/20/15
Setting up badges for student achievement as well as recording badges gained across the school Alan Hoskin 11/19/15
badges + Coursera Sheryl Grant 11/19/15
Weekly Open Badges Community Call - 18 November 2015 Nate Otto 11/17/15
Uppercase/Lowercase problem! Cannot Claim Badges! Benjamín Rámila 11/17/15
username chosen has uppercase letters but when logged in it shows that it only uses lowercases lette Fausto Agostoni 11/11/15
Request for Comment: Issuing platform list metadata Nate Otto 11/11/15
Community Call, 11 November 2015 Nate Otto 11/11/15
problema al intentar exportar a open badgets Marileidy Jiménez 11/9/15
bueno tengo un problema al momento de cargar mis badges? Cristhian benites moran 11/9/15
Problemas para almacenar insignias en Mozilla Backpack Itziar López 11/9/15
Bitcoin blockchain and digital certificates Brian Mulligan 11/9/15
Hack the Backpack! At MozFest in London and around the world Nov 6-8 Nate Otto 11/7/15
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