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W3C Educational/Occupational Credentials Task Force Meeting This Thurs, March 22, 12 Noon ET Kerri Lemoie 9:36 AM
Multiple identities per badge John M 3/16/18
Primary email mistake 3/13/18
ORA call Wed March 14: "What's New" at Participate" 9am PT / 12pm ET / *4pm UK* / *5pm CET* Don Presant 3/9/18
Trouble with Backpack Karen Jeffrey 3/1/18
Mozilla Backpack Site down Akshay Porwal 2/27/18
ORA call Wed Feb 28: "PESC - Open Data Standards for Education 9amPT/12pmET/5pmUK/6pmCET Don Presant 2/27/18
Intranet Windows 2012 server without Internet access Alfredo Sanchez Alvarez 2/20/18
Backpack update #1 Matt Rogers 2/20/18
Looking for potential OpenBadges speaker for EclipseCon France (June) Mickael Istria 2/20/18
Salesforce trying to patent digital badges? Doug Belshaw 2/19/18
Re: [openbadges] Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Don Presant 2/10/18
ORA call Wed Feb 14: "Badgecraft -Innovative Community Learning in Europe" 9amPT/12pmET/5pmUK/6pmCET Don Presant 2/9/18
Simplification of Open Badge Standard --> Open Badges *should be* Verifiable Credentials. Bohdan Andriyiv 2/6/18
Extra Data ("additional description") Extension proposal Nate Otto 2/5/18
Re: [openbadges] Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Arnold Kee 1/31/18
Badging event - London Craig Hawkins 1/28/18
ORA call Wed Jan 31: "21st Century Skills Badging Design Challenge" 9amPT / 12pmET / 5pmUK / 6pmCET Don Presant 1/26/18
Target date for Backpack to accept v2 Open Badges? Don Presant 1/25/18
Links and upcoming events for Badge News #25? Doug Belshaw 1/25/18
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