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SSL issue for Andy Stutzman 5/17/18
Certificate Errors Accessing Open Badges Site Jesse Morton 5/17/18
Live broadcast 17th and 18th May: Let’s talk about competence - and badge it! Laimonas Ragauskas 5/17/18
You didn't add any open badges to your Backpack. Sailaja Chelluri 5/15/18
Simplification of Open Badge Standard --> Open Badges *should be* Verifiable Credentials. Bohdan Andriyiv 5/14/18
Bitcoin blockchain and digital certificates Brian Mulligan 5/8/18
Open Badges Validator returns could not retrieve url 5/7/18
ORA call Wed May 9: "e-Nable: Open Badges via mechanical hands" 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm UK / 6pm CEST Don Presant 5/7/18
Cases of earners attempting to "game" badges or a badge system Robert Columbia 5/2/18
Can't push badge to open backpack Mei Ling 5/1/18
Badge Summit on June 23rd in Chicago Noah Geisel 4/25/18
Formation sur Open Badges Dav Ali 4/25/18
ORA call Wed April 25: "Open Recognition and Entrepreneurship" 9am PT/ 12pm ET/ 5pm UK/ 6pm CEST Don Presant 4/23/18
Issue when verifying associated email addresses Gerard Torrents 4/20/18
Open Badges and Europass Teresa Mackinnon 4/15/18
RFP Digital Badging Vendor-REISSUED Michelle Hawley 4/13/18
ORA call Wed April 11: "Brainstorm: Open Recognition Week 2018" 9am PT/ 12pm ET/ 5pm UK/ 6pm CET Don Presant 4/6/18
TypeError importing badge to Mozilla Backpack Dan Keck 4/5/18
Mozilla Thunderbird Beta's RealWisconsin WebsiteDesign 4/4/18
W3C Educational/Occupational Credentials Task Force Meeting Thurs, April 5 Noon ET Kerri Lemoie 4/3/18
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