Welcome to Open Gov Boston, a discussion list for Boston-area data transparency advocates.  We meet up 1-2 times a month to talk through issues in open government and work on projects.  People from all backgrounds and with all skillsets are welcome!

Elsewhere on the web...
our meetup group
the Sunlight Foundation
Open States project
also on IRC: #sunlightlabs #openstates (both on freenode)
we also frequently attend Boston Python project nights and Code for Boston hack nights

Are you from Boston & have an open government/transparency project you want included?  Email me and I'll put it up.

Boston Civic Expo - Friday May 31st, 7pm-10pm
National Day of Civic Hacking - June 1st-2nd (I know - it's a weekend, not a day)

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David and Goliath Hackathon: Fight against Predatory Lending, Sat., 7/18, 11am-2pm, Stone Soup Worcester James O'Keefe 7/14/15
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Globe: In Mass., public records can be hard to get Adam Friedman 3/19/14
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How do you appeal to the Attorney General of Massachusetts a determination from the Public Records Division Legal Section of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?... theszak 1/21/14
Appeals Tracking System Mon 14 Jan 2013 - Fri 10 Jan 2014 Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. theszak 1/21/14
Globe: Fixing welfare fraud requires technology reform Adam Friedman 1/5/14
"...materials prepared or collected by the Contractor in the course of completing the work to be performed under this Contract shall at all times be the exclusive property of the City." --Contract theszak 12/24/13
Re: >" further comment, and will have no further comment on this matter." theszak 12/22/13
Background about the Public Records Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth theszak 12/21/13
Pioneer Institute Better Government Competition Sam Kennedy 12/6/13
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