Welcome! This group is for discussing OmniAuth, the multi-provider authentication middleware for Rails. If you need documentation, I'd suggest checking out the wiki. To report bugs, visit the issue tracker. Otherwise, feel free to ask your questions here.

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Call for Maintainers! Michael Bleigh 8/30/13
How (should I really) to create a custom strategy to be authenticated via custom authentication API belgoros 1/15/18
Request Phase passing custom params to Authorize URL Paulo Fabiano Langer 7/10/17
Support for logout at remote authentication providers? Mark Wood 3/23/17
Devise OmniAuth with a Multi-tenant Rails 5 App Will Olson 2/1/17
Writing a strategy with a dynamic provider URL - Help Eugen Rochko 10/21/16
Gitlab integration with SAML ADFS Sebastien 3/22/16
mediawiki_oauth strategy continues after `fail!`and does not redirect to failure point Sage Ross 1/28/16
Multiple providers without session storage 5/8/15
strategy.rb#request_call : why the need for request.env['omniauth.origin'] & request.env['omniauth.params']['origin'] ? Sascha Kästle 3/31/15
Omniauth facebook authentication failure Invalid application Id Ashish Singh 11/15/14
API Client wrapper Zdravko Balorda 10/4/14
Access OmniAuth strategy's configs Filippos Vasilakis 8/1/14
Building a few facebook-oriented features into an existing app Florian Beijers 7/28/14
omniauth-google-oauth2 cause frozen at google allow access page Juli Elixir 7/2/14
What is, and how to use the "developer" strategy? Andrew Havens 6/16/14
IWA and Sinatra Dream Walker 6/16/14
regarding logout Rahul Ghose 6/2/14
Hi, getting 404 error when logging in through Omniauth on Rails app [OMNIAUTH-GITHUB] ace 4/26/14
Authenticating with different api keys for each request Joe Van Dyk 4/25/14
Refresh token using Omniauth-oauth2 in Rails application? Ganesh Ranganathan 2/14/14
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