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Use StackOverflow (with the omnet++ tag) for questions related to programming in OMNeT++ (no opinions or discussion).

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can not install omnet 5.0 (\usr\bin\mintty error) vishwanth hiremath 7/25/16
help please: How to use Received Power to decide Mac destination address Veins 7/25/16
how can i add more rsu to veins example with converting omnetpp to Traci size 7/25/16
Urgent: Simulation terminated with exit code: -2147483645 Taal Azhar 7/25/16
Error while running Veins demo scenario example Md Mahbubur Rasheed 7/24/16
Veins can not be run in Ubuntu platform Odilbek Urmonov 7/24/16
omnet installation problem bandika74 7/24/16
VEINS: acessing an application parameter from omnet.ini osga 7/23/16
SimuLTE patch for OMNeT++ v5 and INET 3.2.4 Giovanni Nardini 7/23/16
Model Error: TraCI Server while sending data on SCH Jyoti Rout 7/23/16
Installation Error on Ubuntu Odilbek Urmonov 7/23/16
nested vector in omnet++ 7/22/16
omnet archive project ali asghar 7/22/16
want to learn omnet++ Abd Alhaleem Bakkor 7/22/16
Save message log to file Gilson M. 7/21/16
Using Veins and INET for VANET simulation Seth Troxler 7/21/16
Stop the simulation Mani Amoozadeh 7/21/16
Error queueOut with sixlowpan/802.15.4 Julen_UPV/EHU 7/20/16
Custom MAC behaviour to 802.11 example Daniel Tweed 7/20/16
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