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Use StackOverflow (with the omnet++ tag) for questions related to programming in OMNeT++ (no opinions or discussion).

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Promiscuous Mode in AODV (in omnet) Mahsa Shafiei 9/1/15
LTE TxAngle Andre Nudel 9/1/15
MiXiM: SensorApplLayer trafficParam: Poisson arrival modeling SM 9/1/15
overhead cost dsdv Bebe Sade 9/1/15
why the obtained rxPower is always equal to zero everywhere??!! Kurdman 9/1/15
routing in wired networks Abhilasha Dadhich 9/1/15
How to know destination node has collected packets from all source nodes in one round. Thien Le 8/31/15
Error on executing the simulation: "Class xxxxxx not found". Luis Henrique 8/31/15
Inet & Mixim integration issue ( quite puzzled ) Seer Liu 8/31/15
NED Wildcard problems 8/31/15
measure hop count for UDP basicburst Wael Ali 8/31/15
need advice Hassaan Ghazi 8/31/15
Time-consuming when build a simple project 8/31/15
Error using Relay in Simu-lte Ramasiarison Georges Larissen 8/30/15
Is there is a way to get the number of associated Mobile Nodes to an access point? Kurdman 8/30/15
Includes and MySQL codes not executing Luis Henrique 8/29/15
multi agent S-MAC samad alimadadi 8/29/15
LTE numBands parameter Andre Nudel 8/28/15
where is the best place to declare global variables, and checking something periodically? Kurdman 8/28/15
Namespacing missing in include/omnetpp/simkerneldefs.h (OMNeT++ 5b2) Rens van der Heijden 8/28/15
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