Welcome to ocaml-core.  This mailing list is for discussing the Core suite of OCaml libraries, a replacement for INRIA's standard library that is developed and maintained by Jane Street.

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String.uppercase bug in base? Stephen Bastians 3/2/18
>>= and >>| parse differently? Evgeny Roubinchtein 1/24/18
Should this list migrate to discuss.ocaml.org Yaron Minsky 7/2/17
OCaml 4.04 and ppx-jane in v0.9 usch...@googlemail.com 5/29/17
[ANN] v0.9 release of Jane Street packages Jeremie Dimino 5/22/17
File descriptor passing Andre Nathan 4/27/17
OPAM Core trailing current version? Shrutarshi Basu 3/27/17
Jane Street development opam repository Jeremie Dimino 3/20/17
[ANN] Jbuilder 1.0+beta1 Jeremie Dimino 3/10/17
Is anyone working on Async + TLS? Rudi Grinberg 2/16/17
Core-compatible graph library s...@basus.me 2/1/17
Building tests with jbuild files Andre Nathan 1/25/17
Consistent log level with `Async.Std.Log.Global` across different modules Dominik Gabi 1/18/17
which Core packages are js_of_ocaml compatible Ashish Agarwal 12/15/16
[ANN] Base, Stdio and Jbuilder 0.1.alpha1 Jeremie Dimino 12/4/16
Access the record fields in Ocaml Patraschku Oleg 12/4/16
Syntax Errors in utop when using Sexplib and Fieldslib Gabriel Jaldon 10/27/16
tag of a variant and record type difference Kuba Roth 10/20/16
Building from GitHub source Markus Mottl 10/4/16
Async, RPC and handling a global state Paolo Donadeo 9/16/16
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