Welcome to the New York City SuperCollider music programming group. We have not found the Higgs Boson, but if you hum a few bars we can improvise a SynthDef for it.

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Meetup group about to close Graham Stalker-Wilde 10/23/17
plucked from the ashes tintin 7/10/17
August requests? amindfv 7/15/16
Cancelling July Meetup Nicholas Colvin 7/14/16
seeking crew for NYCEMF... next week and early June! tintin 5/30/16
concert Dan Palkowski 5/19/16
OT kickstarter thing Dan Palkowski 4/20/16
my bit from source Dan Palkowski 4/10/16
SC birthday fest tickets! amindfv 3/12/16
aha Dan Palkowski 2/19/16
Meeting next thurs amindfv 1/9/16
NYCEMF 2016 -- call for works ...EXTENDED to 12/31 !! tintin 12/6/15
Bytebeat exploration 11/18/15 Sean Lee 11/18/15
MouseMixer from tonight Nicholas Colvin 11/18/15
Rescheduled meeting this month amindfv 11/12/15
NYCEMF 2016 -- call for works tintin 11/1/15
Meeting tonight! amindfv 10/8/15
*Moving* upcoming meeting amindfv 9/27/15
sep 16 exercise Dan Palkowski 9/17/15
First thursday meeting? amindfv 9/3/15
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