Northwest Washington Digital Amateur Radio

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Digital Group Meeting tonight Budd Churchward 8/16/16
New found fun with APRS Budd Churchward 8/8/16
Steam meet Art Miller KC7SDA 8/5/16
Working on a case for UDRC Budd Churchward 7/22/16
packet radio with udrc+pi Peter Dahl 7/19/16
UDRC + Direwolf setup instructions Peter Dahl 7/19/16
Great solution for Packet Radio with a Rpi Budd Churchward 7/14/16
Mike Wolf KE7ZWR Where are you? KNØN 7/5/16
Tonight Art Miller KC7SDA 6/22/16
Is Budd Losing His Marbles? Budd Churchward 6/13/16
d-rats? and next month's topic Art Miller KC7SDA 5/25/16
Last meeting? Gayland Gump 5/23/16
Digital Group Update KNØN 5/10/16
Winlink RMS from LinuxFest wa7nwp 4/20/16
Meeting Tonight Robert Sears KF7VOP 4/19/16
MBARC Digital Group is now on Facebook Robert Sears KF7VOP 4/18/16
Who has the MBARC antenna analyser? kg7gcf 4/15/16
Lady Ada says she is going to go for her General Class License Budd Churchward 4/11/16
Repeater Digital modes KNØN 4/11/16
Net tonight results Art Miller KC7SDA 3/21/16
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