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Fresh Pi KNØN 2/2/15
Low Power Pico-Ballons KNØN 1/31/15
Re: [DG] Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Kelly (KF7AFF) 1/4/15
Meeting for Jan, and events happing this month! Art Miller KC7SDA 1/3/15
Meeting for 12/16/14 Art Miller KC7SDA 12/16/14
the foundry's adafruit order Art Miller KC7SDA 12/9/14
Re: [DG] RE: Roy Cunningham SK Perry Sikes 12/9/14
Roy Cunningham SK KNØN 12/7/14
Fwd: HAM Radio TECHNICIAN CLASS LICENSE course , Sudden Valley KNØN 11/11/14
Next meeting: 11/18 Art Miller KC7SDA 11/8/14
web based SDR Art Miller KC7SDA 10/29/14
Next Meeting Art Miller KC7SDA 10/27/14
Fwd: [Snohomish ACS/ARES] Now it's FTDI's turn KNØN 10/24/14
Meeting on 10/21 Art Miller KC7SDA 10/15/14
KC7SDA USB power supply emissions Robert Sears KF7VOP 9/17/14
The Foundry KNØN 9/12/14
First meeting of the year!!!! Art Miller KC7SDA 9/6/14
Fwd: APRS and Digital radio enthusiasts 17th Annual Summer Gathering KNØN 9/1/14
Local used computers KNØN 7/23/14
New raspberry pi model! Art Miller KC7SDA 7/23/14
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