Northwest Washington Digital Amateur Radio

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Stuff N Things Andy Sayler 11/27/16
Bluetooth adapter case..... Andy Sayler 11/27/16
Baofeng HT to TNC PI wire? Andy Sayler 11/26/16
APRS Feild Days Andy Sayler 11/24/16
Possible shelters for Emergency deployment and field day!!!!! Art Miller KC7SDA 11/24/16
UDRC Videos Budd Churchward 11/15/16
Packet Primer - TNC Audio Levels Budd Churchward 11/14/16
Foundry Tonight Robert Sears KF7VOP 11/9/16
Learned something new tonight. Andy Sayler 11/6/16
IT WORKS!!!!!! Art Miller KC7SDA 11/5/16
Interesting radio connections to be had! Art Miller KC7SDA 11/5/16
UDRC2 Port Soultions Robert Sears KF7VOP 11/2/16
Smart Beacon woes... Robert Sears KF7VOP 11/1/16
UDRC audio issues Art Miller KC7SDA 11/1/16
IT WORKS.... kinda.... Art Miller KC7SDA 10/30/16
Pi3 wifi Art Miller KC7SDA 10/30/16
Direwolf/Xastir Auto Start Conundrum Budd Churchward 10/29/16
Direwolf settings Keith Williamson 10/29/16
Direwolf/Xastir Auto Start ... thanks Keith Budd Churchward 10/29/16
Pi3 order! Art Miller KC7SDA 10/28/16
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