This is the main mailing list for the NumFOCUS community:  Membership to this list is open to anyone interested in any subject surrounding the NumPy-stack, reproducible and accessible science.   Membership to NumFOCUS just requires a statement that you are interested in joining and a location in the world you reside (country alone is fine).

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Peer-reviewed package repository for scikits on binstar Travis 3/19/14
EuroSciPy 2014 Call for Abstracts Ralf Gommers 3/5/14
ANN: XDress v0.4 Anthony Scopatz 2/26/14
ANN: SciPy 2014 Conference, July 6th - 12th, Austin, TX! Anthony Scopatz 2/16/14
Build service status update Anthony Scopatz 1/18/14
ANN: Polyphemus v0.1 Released Anthony Scopatz 1/14/14
Amazon EC2 resource Stefan van der Walt 12/27/13
Tasks for Ultimate Binary Package Build Service Anthony Scopatz 12/10/13
Community build service (starting with Windows) teoliphant 11/27/13
Pythran 0.4 "PyHPC" serge Guelton 11/18/13
[ANN, x-post] Creating a space for scientific open source at Berkeley (with UW and NYU) Fernando Perez 11/13/13
blog post about PyDataConf workshop for Software Carpentry? Greg Wilson 11/9/13
Anyone know any Clang devs? Anthony Scopatz 11/8/13
Fwd: [Scipy-organizers] Publication and review in SciPy Anthony Scopatz 10/29/13
An update on NumFOCUS' Treasury Software Search Anthony Scopatz 10/1/13
Microsoft donates $100,000 to IPython via NumFOCUS Fernando Perez 9/26/13
John Hunter memorial fund donation page mdboom 9/25/13
Introducing Matt Terry, Primo Website Guru Anthony Scopatz 9/10/13
Anthony Scopatz 9/6/13
[Common IR] Introductions Andy Terrel 8/27/13
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