This is the main mailing list for the NumFOCUS community:  Membership to this list is open to anyone interested in any subject surrounding the NumPy-stack, reproducible and accessible science.   Membership to NumFOCUS just requires a statement that you are interested in joining and a location in the world you reside (country alone is fine).

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Suggestions on project developments S Armour 5/6/17
Data Intelligence machine learning conference, June 23-25 in DC Gina Helfrich 4/20/17
NumFOCUS 2016 Annual Report Gina Helfrich 4/17/17
contributors wanted for PyTables projects Gina Helfrich 3/30/17
Grants up to $3k available to NumFOCUS projects (sponsored & affiliated) Gina Helfrich 3/16/17
Facebook Makes Sophisticated Forecasting Techniques Available to Non-Experts Thanks to Stan, a NumFOCUS Sponsored Project Gina Helfrich 3/16/17
Fwd: PyData & NumFOCUS Conference Dates 2017 Gina Helfrich 3/14/17
Fwd: NumFOCUS March Newsletter Gina Helfrich 3/13/17
[JuliaCon 2017] Call for Proposals Valentin Churavy 3/2/17
Docathon : focus on documentation on your favorite opensource project! Nelle Varoquaux 3/2/17
NumFOCUS has been accepted as a GSoC Umbrella Organization Max Linke 2/27/17
Does @jit run a python code on the gpu if we do not explicitly mention a target? Shatadeep Banerjee 1/30/17
Google Summer of Code 2017 - Call for Admin Raniere Silva 1/12/17
[ANN] Pythran O.8.0 is out serge.guelton 1/6/17
Volunteer: Contribution to NumFocus-Projects Friedrich Schuster 1/3/17
Couldn't find Interface as of Shahzad Saleem 12/11/16
NumFOCUS November Newsletter Ralf Gommers 11/17/16
membership Sakshi Jain 10/22/16
Hans Petter Langtangen Andy Terrel 10/11/16
Re: [numfocus] Installation anaconda3-4.1.1 on Ubuntu Ariel Rokem 9/23/16
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