This is the main mailing list for the NumFOCUS community:  Membership to this list is open to anyone interested in any subject surrounding the NumPy-stack, reproducible and accessible science.   Membership to NumFOCUS just requires a statement that you are interested in joining and a location in the world you reside (country alone is fine).

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Can a newspaper help this group? onaaraTODAYnews onaaraTODAYservices 4/28/18
2018 John Hunter Excellence in Plotting Contest Michael Droettboom 4/25/18
SunPy 0.9 Released! Stuart Mumford 4/24/18
I want to send a json from the front end and update it to the postgresql DB with that data. 류지현 4/5/18
Fwd: [pypi-announce] new Python Package Index is now in beta at Nathaniel Smith 3/26/18
[CFP] Democratize NLP with NLP-OSS ! liling tan 3/18/18
GSoC recommendation Aashish Loknath Panigrahi 3/15/18
Re: [numfocus] Setting up sublimeREPL with the anaconda distribution. Max Linke 3/6/18
Reading doubles from binary file in Python Stephen Hill 2/4/18
Novice question regarding Hub contributions 1/29/18
Hosting git repositories within the PyData organization Matthew Rocklin 1/25/18
Introducing neuropredict and Welcoming contributors Pradeep Raamana 1/12/18
Introduction sandeep chauhan 11/13/17
NumFOCUS is throwing a "Friendraiser"❗ Gina Helfrich 11/9/17
Introductory doubts Aditya Dwivedi 11/1/17
Applications now open for DISC Inaugural Unconference — Nov. 29-30 @ PyDataNYC Gina Helfrich 10/29/17
Introduction 9/24/17
How to call a python package managed by Anaconda in matlab environment? Jinfang 8/22/17
SunPy 0.8 Release Stuart Mumford 8/18/17
How to install selenium with python 3 ananconda on windows? Haider Ali 8/1/17
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