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DNS action for needed Francesc Alted 4/20/15
Suggestion about encouraging citations of software Michael Droettboom 4/20/15
Pythran 0.7 is out serge.guelton 4/17/15
Working group between PSF and Numfocus to spend (and raise) money Travis 4/14/15
Re: [numfocus] ITB Direct Client Teradata Architect in Phoenix, AZ Travis 4/14/15
Last Call for the PyData Paris CFP Stefane Fermigier 3/2/15
NumFOCUS 2014 Review Andy Terrel 2/9/15
relationship with projects Matt Terry 12/16/14
200 to Give $20 to NumFOCUS Leah Silen 12/11/14
Pythran 0.6 - C++ for snakes serge.guelton 10/22/14
Research Software Petition Andy Terrel 10/21/14
Python benchmarks for compiler folks Rahul Garg 9/2/14
[ANN] Euroscipy 2014 -- tutorial announced David 6/23/14
Request for admission to membership: Early Professional Kevin Davenport 6/19/14
New Webpage rollout Andy Terrel 6/17/14
Pythran 0.5 release -- codename PyData serge.guelton 5/19/14
Fwd: [WSSSPE] CFP: 2nd Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science: Practice and Experiences (WSSSPE2) Matthew Turk 5/14/14
Elections for 2014 Andy Terrel 5/12/14
could NumFOCUS help promoting Python neuroscience software? Yaroslav Halchenko 5/12/14
EuroSciPy 2014 abstract submission deadline extended Ralf Gommers 4/15/14
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