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Starter Kit / Book recommendation Geoffrey Morgan 2/25/15
BBC call out to engineers, hackers and tinkerers marc barto 2/4/15
[Not Just Arduino] Free edX course on Embedded Systems Eugene Nadyrshin 2/3/15
Giant flip dot display at CES Faraz Sayed 2/2/15
NFC Enrique Santos 2/2/15
New member Rosemary Munro Kerr 1/26/15
Arduino Due Lucia N 1/20/15
ESP8266, nodeMCU and lua Faraz Sayed 1/20/15
ESP8266, nodeMCU and lua Faraz Sayed 1/19/15
ESP8266 Woes... James Cadman 12/24/14
Book Tickets For Arduino: A Talk with Massimo Banzi : Somerset House Andrea Campanella 12/18/14
Libraries not working Lucia N 12/18/14
Talk Proposal Andrea Campanella 12/12/14
Arduino Micro-tonal midi step-sequencer project needs help (offering beer&food!) Nicholas Harrison 11/19/14
Next Saturday: Join Not Just Arduino at Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire marc barto 11/12/14
Saleae logic 16 Andrea Campanella 11/12/14
Help needed with interactive video playback machine Dan Pritchard 11/10/14
Fwd: Proposal: Tuesday night lightning talks from subgroups marc barto 10/27/14
Event at London metropolitan uni Christian Bianchini 10/23/14
NJA tomorrow + Lasercutter pledge marc barto 10/5/14
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