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Security updates for all active release lines, July 2017 Michael Dawson 7/24/17
OpenSSL update, 1.0.2k Rod Vagg 2/1/17
Windows 10 console output buffer overflow (libuv CVE-2016-9551) Rod Vagg 11/23/16
October security releases and v6 LTS "Boron" security inclusions Rod Vagg 10/18/16
[nodejs-sec] Security updates for all active release lines, September 2016 Rod Vagg 9/30/16
Security updates for all active release lines, June 2016 Rod Vagg 6/23/16
OpenSSL updates, 1.0.1t and 1.0.2h Rod Vagg 5/6/16
npm security updates v2.15.1 and v3.8.3 Rod Vagg 3/31/16
OpenSSL updates, 1.0.2g and 1.0.1s Rod Vagg 3/2/16
OpenSSL upgrade low-severity Node.js security fixes Rod Vagg 2/9/16
CVE-2015-8027 Denial of Service Vulnerability / CVE-2015-6764 V8 Out-of-bounds Access Vulnerability Rod Vagg 12/3/15
CVE-2015-7384 HTTP Denial of Service Vulnerability Rod Vagg 10/5/15
Node.js Security Release of v0.10.30 and v0.8.28 (V8 Memory Corruption and Stack Overflow) Timothy J Fontaine 7/31/14
DoS Vulnerability (fixed in Node v0.8.26 and v0.10.21) Isaac Schlueter 10/22/13
Node v0.10.16 (Stable) Isaac Schlueter 8/16/13
Introducing Node.js Security Announcements Isaac Schlueter 6/7/13