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Goals for NHibernate 5.0? Oskar Berggren 12/4/16
Two foreign keys in the same table ( mapping nhibernate ) Omar Trai 12/2/16
not-null error after updating nhibernate from 3.x to Florian Endres 11/28/16
NHibernate 4.1.0.CR1 released Oskar Berggren 11/26/16
Nh 4.1 release candidate? Oskar Berggren 11/26/16
build/tests hanging? Oskar Berggren 11/24/16
Failing tests on Oracle32 Oskar Berggren 11/23/16
DriverBase.CloneParameter() Oskar Berggren 11/19/16
Failing tests ODBC/MS SQL Server 2016 due to different datetime conversion Oskar Berggren 10/30/16
Please Help me! "Full text search" in Nhibernate ASP.Net MVC. Thank you so much! Nam Nguyen 10/18/16
Nhibernate exception in ASP.Net MVC application Waqas Hameed 9/27/16
PostgreSQL batcher Plácido Monteiro Dinelli Bisneto 9/23/16
What causes the DtcFailuresFixture to fail? Jeffrey Becker 9/12/16
How to disable engaging parent/child table per class deletions Michael Powell 9/5/16
NH-3904 -- Question on how to fix Jeffrey Becker 9/2/16
Fwd: [nhusers] Many unit tests failing with fractional second precision exceeds scaled specified. What is the appropriate resolution? Oskar Berggren 8/3/16
Smallest type instead of largest possible Oskar Berggren 8/1/16
Request for help with failing tests on Oracle Oskar Berggren 8/1/16
Firebird parameter type casts Oskar Berggren 7/31/16
On SQL parameter type and size Oskar Berggren 7/20/16
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