This group is for discussions about the development of the NHibernate project itself.  For issues related to using NHibernate in your own projects, please post to the NHUSERS group http://groups.google.com/group/nhusers.

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On SQL parameter type and size Oskar Berggren 7/20/16
Problem debugging unit tests Gunnar Liljas 7/14/16
Help with StringTypeWithLengthFixture and Oracle Oskar Berggren 7/13/16
EntityMetamodel -> determine non-identifier property Volodymyr Usarskyy 6/5/16
Settings.IsStructuredCacheEntriesEnabled is never set Volodymyr Usarskyy 6/5/16
NHibernate 4.0.4, 3.4.1, and 3.3.5 Released Alexander Zaytsev 4/27/16
Migrations status update & feedback request Jeffrey Becker 4/18/16
Lots of things that need to be done better Steve Lyle 3/22/16
NHibernate.Spatial biennial status update Andreas Ravnestad 3/7/16
Can some one pick up NH-802? Alexander Zaytsev 2/29/16
Query node as first child of Range node Andrew Brobston 2/23/16
Possible race condition in ActionQueue.ExecuteActions BhaaL 2/22/16
New approach to dealing with query options in Linq Gunnar Liljas 2/2/16
TeamCity is broken, need a fix or replacement Alexander Zaytsev 1/29/16
Issue NH-809 delete from Jira Oskar Berggren 1/15/16
Is NHibernate dead? Paul james 1/14/16
Postgres HStore and JSon Namith 1/1/16
Envers.Linq (and HQL+ full Criteria support): First prototype Peter Schojer 12/22/15
Migrate from JIRA to GitHub issues? Alexander Zaytsev 12/19/15
Shall we deprecate MsSql2000Dialect? Alexander Zaytsev 12/14/15
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