This group is for discussions about the development of the NHibernate project itself.  For issues related to using NHibernate in your own projects, please post to the NHUSERS group http://groups.google.com/group/nhusers.

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NHibernate.Envers support for NH5.1 Jason Penniman 3/21/18
NHibernate 5.1.0 released Frédéric Delaporte 3/17/18
NH 5.1 Ricardo Peres 3/17/18
RoadMap for NETSTANDARD Marcos Junior 1/31/18
Merry Christmas NHibernate team! Gunnar Liljas 12/24/17
Optimize ISession.Delete(string, ...) Alexander Zaytsev 12/20/17
Custom dialect, use of case Matthijs ter Woord 12/5/17
Iesi adios Fabio Maulo 11/20/17
Developments after 5.0.0 Frédéric Delaporte 10/31/17
Adding a mocking library to NHibernate.Tests Gunnar Liljas 10/17/17
NHibernate 5.0 released Alexander Zaytsev 10/17/17
Fwd: [JIRA] (NH-3919) Clean up and harmonize datetime types with regards to different dialects Alexander Zaytsev 10/4/17
Possible race condition in ActionQueue.ExecuteActions BhaaL 9/4/17
NHibernate vNext Roger 8/24/17
Summary of System.Transactions and suggestions for NHibernate improvements Oskar Berggren 7/6/17
JSON Support Alexander Zaytsev 6/1/17
Transaction scopes issues. Frédéric Delaporte 5/15/17
Order of execution of IXXXEventListener Alexander Zaytsev 5/9/17
Possible Dynamic Component Regression in Version 4 Lee Timmins 4/27/17
PersistentGenericBag.EqualsSnapshot discrepancy Frédéric Delaporte 4/12/17
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