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ISession.Lock does not determine proxies Jan Schubert 8:40 AM
Visual NHibernate Ricardo Peres 4/26/15
Why is case for cache usage Transactional commented out in CacheFactory.CreateCache? Suhas Chatekar 4/18/15
Adding support for DateTime.Add(), AddDays(), etc in the Linq provider for MsSql dialects (NH-2849) Andreas Ravnestad 4/17/15
Migrations Status & Feedback request Jeffrey Becker 4/9/15
Proof-of-concept for top-level UNION in HQL Dmitry Kalyanov 3/29/15
Postgres HStore and JSon Namith 3/29/15
Nhibernate - Portuguese translation joao paulo uflacker lang 3/12/15
Version 4.1.0 Release Dan Plaskon 3/4/15
Documentation Updated Ricardo Peres 2/26/15
coaching session needed ( for money) Andreas Bauer 2/25/15
NHibernate Mapping Attributes Ricardo Peres 2/16/15
Re: [nhibernate-development] Re: Migrations Status & Feedback request Jeffrey Becker 2/11/15
NHibernate 4.0.3 Released Alexander Zaytsev 1/21/15
Moving nhforge to github? Oskar Berggren 1/21/15
Linq bulk operations Gunnar Liljas 1/9/15
Merry new year Gunnar Liljas 12/31/14
Bug fix guideance Jacob Levitt 12/30/14
Proposal: Use nhibernate.info instead of nhforge.org Oskar Berggren 12/26/14
MySQL SchemaUpdate Problem About (NH-3733) Atilla İlhan KARTAL 12/17/14
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