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Conversation with Dr. Graham Ogle and Emma Klatman of IDF's Life for a Child program about diabetes Nicole Zok 9:56 AM
Conversation with Yolonda Richardson of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids about tobacco control Nicole Zok 1/22/18
GiveWell is seeking to hire a Head of Growth Catherine Hollander 1/16/18
Page on discretionary grantmaking Catherine Hollander 1/12/18
Conversation with Bjorn Beeler and Sara Brosché of IPEN about reducing environmental lead exposure Nicole Zok 1/12/18
Conversation with Professor David Bellinger of Harvard Medical School about lead exposure Nicole Zok 1/11/18
Conversation with Dr. William Savedoff of the Center for Global Development about tobacco taxation Nicole Zok 1/11/18
Conversation with Professor Michael Eddleston and Dr. Leah Utyasheva of CPSP for a grant update Nicole Zok 1/3/18
Grant to Evidence Action Catherine Hollander 1/3/18
Conversation with Dr. Nathan Lo of Stanford University about schistosomiasis and STH infections Nicole Zok 1/2/18
Page on October 2017 site visit to Conakry, Guinea Catherine Hollander 12/22/17
Conversation with Thomas Mather of MaxMind about family planning charities Nicole Zok 12/15/17
Conversation with Joanna Tempowski of the World Health Organization about environmental lead exposure Nicole Zok 12/14/17
Notes from a site visit to Sightsavers in Conakry, Guinea Nicole Zok 12/13/17
Conversation with Kanika Bahl and Grace Hollister of Evidence Action's Deworm the World Initiative Nicole Zok 12/11/17
June 2017 Board Meeting Catherine Hollander 12/5/17
Page updates related to 2017 charity recommendations Catherine Hollander 12/4/17
Updated report on cash transfers Catherine Hollander 12/1/17
Notes from a site visit to a VAS program supported by Helen Keller International in Conakry, Guinea Nicole Zok 12/1/17
Report on impact of malaria nets on mortality in individuals 5+ years old Catherine Hollander 12/1/17
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