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Notes and photos from a site visit to Against Malaria Foundation and Sightsavers in Ghana Devin Jacob 10/13/16
Conversation with GiveDirectly as part of a grant update Nicole Zok 10/12/16
PSI declined to participate in our review process Devin Jacob 10/11/16
TechnoServe documents Devin Jacob 10/6/16
Notes from a site visit to the Against Malaria Foundation in Ghana Nicole Zok 10/5/16
Notes from a site visit to Sightsavers in Ghana Nicole Zok 10/3/16
Conversation with Dr. Jonathan Gorstein and Dr. Michael Zimmermann of the Iodine Global Network Nicole Zok 10/3/16
Conversation with Marshall Stowell, Nina Hasen, and Kim Longfield of PSI Nicole Zok 10/3/16
Iodine Global Network — 2015 Update Devin Jacob 9/30/16
Living Goods update - Mid 2016 Devin Jacob 9/30/16
Conversation with Lisa McCandless and Molly Christiansen of Living Goods Nicole Zok 9/27/16
Conversation with New Incentives as part of a grant update Nicole Zok 9/26/16
Updated review of Project Healthy Children Devin Jacob 9/22/16
Review of the Food Fortification Initiative Devin Jacob 9/21/16
Conversation with Ian Bassin and Piali Mukhopadhyay of GiveDirectly Nicole Zok 9/16/16
Conversation with Karen Levy & Guillaume Kroll of Evidence Action for a grant update on No Lean Season Nicole Zok 9/15/16
Conversation with Dr. Dirk Taljaard and Genevieve Dean of the Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention Studies Nicole Zok 9/13/16
Materials from GiveWell and Open Philanthropy Project June public research events Devin Jacob 8/31/16
Cost-effectiveness update on 2015 gifts to fund J-PAL and IRD incentives for immunization studies Devin Jacob 8/31/16
Experimental Grant: IDinsight — General Support Devin Jacob 8/29/16
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