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Report on education interventions plus supplementary information Erin Wolff 4/20/18
Conversation with END Fund staff about its operations, use of GiveWell-directed funding, and plans Nicole Zok 4/16/18
Conversation with Professor Michael Eddleston and Dr. Leah Utyasheva of CPSP for a grant update Nicole Zok 4/10/18
Conversation with Erin Collinson and Sarah Rose of the Center for Global Development about foreign aid Nicole Zok 4/3/18
Conversation with Kanika Bahl, John de Wet, and Leann Bankoski of Evidence Action for a grant update Nicole Zok 3/19/18
Updated report on insecticide resistance and malaria control Erin Wolff 3/8/18
Updated report on mass distribution of long-lasting insecticide-treated nets Erin Wolff 3/7/18
Conversation with Evidence Action staff about No Lean Season Nicole Zok 3/2/18
Updated "Apply for Consideration" page Catherine Hollander 2/16/18
Conversation with Dr. Gan Quan and Dr. Paula I Fujiwara of The Union about tobacco control Nicole Zok 2/15/18
Conversation with Professor Mushfiq Mobarak about development economics and policy interventions Nicole Zok 2/15/18
Conversation with Robert Parker, Dr. Kristen Hurley, and Amy Steets of Vitamin Angels about monitoring Nicole Zok 2/15/18
Conversation with Claire Walsh and Samantha Carter of J-PAL's Government Partnership Initiative Nicole Zok 2/14/18
Page on Tim Africa Aid Ghana Catherine Hollander 2/5/18
Conversation with Dr. Stephen Luby of Stanford University about lead exposure and handwashing Nicole Zok 1/31/18
Updated report on deworming Catherine Hollander 1/29/18
Conversation with Svetha Janumpalli, Pratyush Agarwal, and Patrick Stadler of New Incentives Nicole Zok 1/26/18
Updates to our cost-effectiveness analysis in 2018 Catherine Hollander 1/25/18
October 2017 Board Meeting Catherine Hollander 1/25/18
Conversation with Dr. Graham Ogle and Emma Klatman of IDF's Life for a Child program about diabetes Nicole Zok 1/23/18
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