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Grant to New Incentives Devin Jacob 1/11/17
GiveWell is seeking to hire a donor relations assistant Devin Jacob 1/11/17
Conversation with Laura Rowe and David Dodson of Project Healthy Children/Sanku for an update Nicole Zok 1/10/17
Conversation with Svetha Janumpalli and Patrick Stadler of New Incentives Nicole Zok 12/23/16
We updated the name of our work to support potential future top charities Devin Jacob 12/20/16
Conversation with Professor S. Andrew Schroeder of Claremont McKenna College about moral tradeoffs Nicole Zok 12/13/16
Conversation with the Results for Development Institute for a grant update Nicole Zok 12/5/16
Conversation with Dr. Marcy Erskine and Dr. Melanie Renshaw about funding gaps for bed nets Nicole Zok 11/23/16
Conversation with Dr. Melanie Renshaw of ALMA and RBM about funding gaps for bed nets Nicole Zok 11/23/16
GiveWell's 2015 audited financial statement, 990 tax return, and a letter from our accountant Devin Jacob 11/23/16
Conversation with Dr. Scott Filler of The Global Fund as part of research into funding AMF Nicole Zok 11/22/16
Conversation with Development Media International for an update on its progress and future plans Nicole Zok 11/22/16
Conversation with Sightsavers as a potential top charity Nicole Zok 11/18/16
Experimental grant: IDinsight — Embedded GiveWell Team Devin Jacob 11/16/16
Experimental grant: Charity Science: Health — General Support Devin Jacob 11/16/16
Conversation with Ghana's National Malaria Control Program as part of GiveWell's ongoing review of AMF Nicole Zok 11/15/16
Updated review of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) Devin Jacob 11/10/16
Conversation with The END Fund as a potential GiveWell top charity Nicole Zok 11/10/16
Conversation with the END Fund as a potential future top charity Nicole Zok 10/26/16
Conversation with Greg Garrett of GAIN about GAIN's progress and future plans Nicole Zok 10/24/16
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