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Conversation with Dr. Ebenezer Baba and Madeleine Marasciulo of Malaria Consortium about artesunate Nicole Zok 4/26/17
Minor updates to Transparency Policy page Catherine Hollander 4/24/17
GiveWell's partnership with IDinsight Catherine Hollander 4/24/17
Notes and photos from IDinsight's site visit to New Incentives in Nigeria Catherine Hollander 4/21/17
GiveWell is seeking to hire a Controller Catherine Hollander 4/18/17
Conversation with Loren Crary of Educate! about its skills training and teacher training work Nicole Zok 4/10/17
Interim intervention report on Distribution of eyeglasses in developing countries Devin Jacob 4/7/17
Conversation with Patrick Sieyes and Caroline Desrousseaux of Vestergaard about malaria control Nicole Zok 4/4/17
Conversation with The END Fund to get an overview of its past work Nicole Zok 3/30/17
Conversation with Matt Johnson of GiveDirectly for a general update Nicole Zok 3/28/17
November 2016 board meeting Devin Jacob 3/24/17
Conversation with Nicholas Fusso of D-Prize about identifying Incubation Grant applicants Nicole Zok 3/24/17
Conversation with The Power of Nutrition as a potential top charity in September 2016 Nicole Zok 3/23/17
Conversation with Joey Savoie of Charity Science: Health Nicole Zok 3/8/17
Notes from a site visit to Zusha! in Nairobi, Kenya Nicole Zok 3/7/17
Conversation with Evidence Action about a grant request Nicole Zok 3/2/17
Conversation with Dr. Ebenezer Sheshi Baba and Madeleine Marasciulo of Malaria Consortium Nicole Zok 3/1/17
Interim intervention report on the Sayana Press Devin Jacob 2/24/17
Conversation with Dr. Dean Jamison of UCSF School of Medicine about global health priorities Nicole Zok 2/16/17
GiveWell is seeking to hire a research analyst who will focus on donor outreach Devin Jacob 2/15/17
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