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Grant to the O'Neill Institute at Georgetown University and the Washington Office on Latin America Devin Jacob 2:35 PM
GiveDirectly update – August 2015 Devin Jacob 9/2/15
Conversation with Esther Cohen and Abagail Nelson of Episcopal Relief & Development about NetsforLife(R) mike. danto 9/2/15
Conversation with David Bier of the Niskanen Center about labor mobility mike. danto 9/2/15
Two conversations with GiveDirectly mike. danto 8/31/15
Schistosomiasis Control Initiative update – August 2015 Devin Jacob 8/31/15
Conversation with Morris Kleiner of the University of Minnesota about occupational licensing mike. danto 8/27/15
END Fund documents Natalie Crispin 8/27/15
Conversation with Alem Abay of GAIN mike. danto 8/26/15
Conversation with Scott Sumner of the Mercatus Center about nominal gross domestic product targeting mike. danto 8/26/15
Conversation with Paul Niehaus and Carolina Toth of GiveDirectly mike. danto 8/26/15
Conversation with Alan Fenwick and Blandine Labry of Schistosomiasis Control Initiative Devin Jacob 8/26/15
Conversation with Milan Vaishnav and Lea Kenig of CEIP to follow up on a Good Ventures grant mike. danto 8/26/15
Grant to the Future of Life Institute Devin Jacob 8/26/15
Shallow investigation of potential risks from advanced artificial intelligence Devin Jacob 8/25/15
Conversation with Bruce Miller of University of California at San Francisco about Alzheimer's disease Devin Jacob 8/25/15
Living Goods update - March 2015 Devin Jacob 8/21/15
Conversation with Jared Bernstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities about a grant Devin Jacob 8/18/15
Conversation with the Effective Altruists of Berkeley about a class on effective altruism Devin Jacob 8/18/15
Conversation to follow up on Good Ventures labor mobility grant to IOM Devin Jacob 8/18/15
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