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Conversation with Dr. Fiona Fleming of the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative about monitoring reports Nicole Zok 9/20/17
FAQ About Job Scams Claiming to Be Associated with GiveWell Catherine Hollander 9/15/17
2016 audited financial statements Catherine Hollander 9/13/17
Interim intervention report on oral rehydration solution Catherine Hollander 9/13/17
Conversation with Alex Cobham of the Tax Justice Network about global tax reform policy Nicole Zok 9/11/17
Grant to the Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA) at the University of California, Berkeley Catherine Hollander 9/7/17
Conversation with Cammie Lee and Kanika Bahl of Results for Development about pneumonia treatment Nicole Zok 9/6/17
Conversation with Dr. Suzanne Gilbert and Heidi Chase of the Seva Foundation about cataract surgery Nicole Zok 9/4/17
Conversation with Rachel Silverman of the Center for Global Development about family planning Nicole Zok 9/1/17
Grant to Charity Science Health Catherine Hollander 8/28/17
Intervention report on supplementary immunization activities to prevent measles Catherine Hollander 8/28/17
Conversation with Dr. Yilma Melkamu and Emma Bakhle of the International Planned Parenthood Federation Nicole Zok 8/28/17
Grant to support deworming research Catherine Hollander 8/24/17
2017 Cost-effectiveness analysis - Version 2 Catherine Hollander 8/17/17
March 2017 and April 2017 board meetings Catherine Hollander 8/16/17
Conversation with Christopher Purdy and Rory Harrington of DKT International about family planning Nicole Zok 8/14/17
Conversation with Robert Geneau of Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology about cataract Nicole Zok 8/14/17
Conversation with Living Goods staff for an update on its activities Nicole Zok 8/11/17
Conversation with Victoria Sheffield and John Barrows of International Eye Foundation Nicole Zok 8/11/17
Conversation with Joey Savoie of Charity Science Health for a GiveWell Incubation Grant update Nicole Zok 8/11/17
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