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Updated review of Project Healthy Children Devin Jacob 9/22/16
Review of the Food Fortification Initiative Devin Jacob 9/21/16
Conversation with Ian Bassin and Piali Mukhopadhyay of GiveDirectly Nicole Zok 9/16/16
Conversation with Karen Levy & Guillaume Kroll of Evidence Action for a grant update on No Lean Season Nicole Zok 9/15/16
Conversation with Dr. Dirk Taljaard and Genevieve Dean of the Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention Studies Nicole Zok 9/13/16
Materials from GiveWell and Open Philanthropy Project June public research events Devin Jacob 8/31/16
Cost-effectiveness update on 2015 gifts to fund J-PAL and IRD incentives for immunization studies Devin Jacob 8/31/16
Experimental Grant: IDinsight — General Support Devin Jacob 8/29/16
Grants to New Incentives and Results for Development Devin Jacob 8/19/16
Conversation with Dr. James Habyarimana, Dr. William Jack, and Whitney Tate about road safety Nicole Zok 8/19/16
Conversation with Technoserve as a potential future top charity Nicole Zok 8/19/16
Intervention reports on voluntary medical male circumcision and cataract surgery Devin Jacob 8/15/16
Conversation with Joey Savoie of Charity Science: Health about an SMS vaccine reminder project Nicole Zok 8/15/16
June 2016 board meeting Devin Jacob 8/5/16
Conversation with Julia Strong, Dr. Imran Khan, and Mike Straney of Sightsavers Nicole Zok 8/3/16
Conversation with Seth Cochran of Operation Fistula Nicole Zok 7/29/16
Conversation with Sightsavers in consideration for a GiveWell recommendation Nicole Zok 6/28/16
Updated top charity reviews and supplemental material Devin Jacob 6/23/16
Conversation with Professor S. Nageeb Ali of Pennsylvania State University about game theory Nicole Zok 6/15/16
Conversation with Dr. Judd Walson and John Jackson of the Natural History Museum, London about deworming Nicole Zok 6/13/16
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