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Conversation with Rolf Klemm and David Doledec of Helen Keller International for an update Nicole Zok 6/21/18
Grant to Fortify Health Erin Wolff 6/21/18
Grant to Evidence Action Beta Erin Wolff 6/21/18
Conversation with Katharine Kreis and Dr. Megan Parker of PATH about its Ultra Rice program Nicole Zok 6/20/18
Conversation with Dr. Rolf Klemm of HKI about HKI's views on different nutrition programs Nicole Zok 6/14/18
Conversation with David Doledec and Dr. Rolf Klemm of Helen Keller International for an update Nicole Zok 6/13/18
Conversation with Iqbal Dhaliwal of J-PAL about J-PAL and its Government Partnership Initiative Nicole Zok 6/11/18
Conversation with One Acre Fund about a possible evaluation for a top charity recommendation Nicole Zok 6/6/18
Conversation with Dr. Sherry Tanumihardjo about vitamin A deficiency in sub-Saharan Africa Nicole Zok 6/6/18
Grant to Nick Otis Erin Wolff 6/4/18
Report on community-based management of acute malnutrition Erin Wolff 6/1/18
Conversation with Malaria Consortium about intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy for malaria Nicole Zok 5/30/18
Conversation with Dr. Graham Ogle and Emma Klatman of IDF's Life for a Child about type 1 diabetes Nicole Zok 5/21/18
Conversation with Dr. Marc Jaffe of Resolve to Save Lives about trans-fat regulation Nicole Zok 5/14/18
Conversation with Diego Moroso of Malaria Consortium about funding gaps for SMC Nicole Zok 5/14/18
Conversation with Dr. Melanie Renshaw of ALMA about funding gaps for SMC and LLINs Nicole Zok 5/14/18
Update on "Our Progress to Date" page Erin Wolff 5/4/18
March 2018 Board Meeting Erin Wolff 5/4/18
Conversation with Kieran Holmes about tax reform in developing countries Nicole Zok 5/4/18
Conversation with Dr. Haleema Shakur and Aoife Jones about tranexamic acid for postpartum hemorrhage Nicole Zok 5/1/18
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