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Conversation with Michael Eddleston & Leah Utyasheva about the Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention Nicole Zok 10:04 AM
Conversation with Dr. Michael Cooke of GiveDirectly for an update on GiveDirectly's research projects Nicole Zok 7:55 AM
Conversation with Malaria Consortium staff about LLIN distribution in Nigeria Nicole Zok 6/26/17
Documents related to IDinsight's RCT of New Incentives Catherine Hollander 6/22/17
Interim intervention report on SMS reminders for vaccination Catherine Hollander 6/22/17
Interim intervention report on interventions to promote handwashing Catherine Hollander 6/21/17
Grant to the Georgetown University Initiative on Innovation, Development, and Evaluation Catherine Hollander 6/15/17
Conversation with Thomas Chupein and Ariella Park of J-PAL about early childhood stimulation programs Nicole Zok 6/9/17
Notes and photos from a site visit to the END Fund and Zusha! Catherine Hollander 6/6/17
Conversation with Cammie Lee and Kanika Bahl for an update on a grant to Results for Development Nicole Zok 6/2/17
Notes from a site visit to END Fund-funded programs in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo Nicole Zok 5/31/17
Conversation with Sightsavers and IDinsight about Sightsavers' cataract program Nicole Zok 5/25/17
GiveWell and IDinsight are partnering on a project on fistula surgery Catherine Hollander 5/23/17
Conversation with David Dodson of Project Healthy Children/Sanku for a general update Nicole Zok 5/22/17
2017 Cost-effectiveness analysis - Version 1 Catherine Hollander 5/22/17
Interim intervention report on antiretroviral therapy to treat HIV/AIDS Catherine Hollander 5/17/17
Grant to Evidence Action for No Lean Season program Catherine Hollander 5/11/17
Grant to New Incentives Catherine Hollander 5/5/17
GiveWell and IDinsight are partnering on a project on cataract surgery Catherine Hollander 4/28/17
Three pages for GiveWell Incubation Grant recipients Catherine Hollander 4/28/17
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