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Conversation with CDC's Excessive Alcohol Use Prevention Team about alcohol policy in the U.S. Devin Jacob 5/27/15
Conversation with Melanie Smith of UCSF about Alzheimer's Disease Devin Jacob 5/14/15
Conversation with Michael Zimmerman of IGN (formerly ICCIDD) Devin Jacob 5/14/15
Update on grant to support Prof. Mark Kleiman's research Devin Jacob 5/8/15
Conversation with Waitlist Zero to follow up on a grant made by Good Ventures in September 2014 Devin Jacob 5/8/15
Conversation with Greg S. Garrett of GAIN Devin Jacob 5/8/15
DMI update - February 2015 Devin Jacob 5/5/15
Shallow investigation of U.S. health care reform Devin Jacob 5/5/15
Conversations with IGN (formerly ICCIDD) Devin Jacob 5/4/15
Conversation with AMF Devin Jacob 5/1/15
Conversation with Marc Rosenblum of Migration Policy Institute about immigration policy in the US Devin Jacob 4/27/15
Grant to support RAND report on marijuana legalization options in Vermont Devin Jacob 4/24/15
Conversation with Alix Zwane of Evidence Action Devin Jacob 4/22/15
Conversation with Beau Kilmer of RAND Drug Policy Research Center about legalizing marijuana Devin Jacob 4/21/15
Conversation with Jeffrey Selbin of UC Berkeley about civil legal services reform Devin Jacob 4/21/15
Conversation to follow up on Good Ventures immigration policy reform grant to Immigration Works, USA Devin Jacob 4/21/15
Conversation with Eric Drexler of the Oxford University on atomically precise manufacturing Devin Jacob 4/17/15
Update on Service Delivery Indicators Program Devin Jacob 4/10/15
Intervention report on immunization to prevent maternal and neonatal tetanus Devin Jacob 4/9/15
Open Philanthropy Project: notable lessons Devin Jacob 4/9/15
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