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Conversation with Kanika Bahl and Grace Hollister of Evidence Action's Deworm the World Initiative Nicole Zok 1:41 PM
June 2017 Board Meeting Catherine Hollander 12/5/17
Page updates related to 2017 charity recommendations Catherine Hollander 12/4/17
Updated report on cash transfers Catherine Hollander 12/1/17
Notes from a site visit to a VAS program supported by Helen Keller International in Conakry, Guinea Nicole Zok 12/1/17
Report on impact of malaria nets on mortality in individuals 5+ years old Catherine Hollander 12/1/17
Grant to the Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention Catherine Hollander 12/1/17
Conversation with Lions Clubs International Foundation staff about cataract surgery Nicole Zok 11/28/17
Conversation with David Dodson and Felix Brooks-church of PHC/Sanku about its progress and plans Nicole Zok 11/22/17
Conversation with Scott Montgomery and Sarah Zimmerman of the Food Fortification Initiative Nicole Zok 11/21/17
Conversations with Dr. Sherry Tanumihardjo of the University of Wisconsin about vitamin A deficiency Nicole Zok 11/17/17
Conversation with Roy Head and Dr. Joanna Murray of Development Media International Nicole Zok 11/15/17
Conversation with Greg S. Garrett of Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition about progress and plans Nicole Zok 11/15/17
Conversation with Professor Jonathan Gorstein of Iodine Global Network about its progress and plans Nicole Zok 11/15/17
Conversation with Rebecca Short of ICL about the use of insecticide-treated bed nets for fishing Nicole Zok 11/9/17
2017 Cost-effectiveness analysis — Version 4 Catherine Hollander 11/8/17
Blog post and report on approaches to moral weights Catherine Hollander 11/7/17
Update to GiveWell's Impact page Catherine Hollander 11/6/17
New standout charity: Helen Keller International's vitamin A supplementation program Catherine Hollander 11/2/17
2017 Cost-effectiveness analysis - Version 3 Catherine Hollander 10/27/17
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