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Conversation with Dr. James Habyarimana and Dr. William Jack of Georgetown University about road safety Nicole Zok 2:50 AM
Conversation with Nelson Coelho of Concern Universal about bed net distribution processes Nicole Zok 2:49 AM
Conversation with Kirsten Armstrong and Kate Proud of The Fred Hollows Foundation Nicole Zok 5/24/16
Conversation with Dr. Paul Niehaus, Ian Bassin, and Carolina Toth of GiveDirectly Nicole Zok 5/24/16
Conversation with Scott Montgomery of the Food Fortification Initiative Nicole Zok 5/24/16
Conversation with Dr. Wendy Harrison, Najwa Al Abdallah, and Dr. Lynsey Blair of SCI Nicole Zok 5/24/16
Conversation with Alex Aiken, Calum Davey, Paul Garner, and David Taylor-Robinson about deworming Nicole Zok 5/20/16
Conversation with Hilary Ranson of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine about insecticide resistance Nicole Zok 5/20/16
Grant to Evidence Action for No Lean Season program Devin Jacob 5/9/16
Conversation with SCI as part of GiveWell's charity review process andy.nevarez 5/4/16
Conversation with Dr. Karen Levy of Evidence Action about the No Lean Season program andy.nevarez 5/4/16
Conversation with Svetha Janumpalli and Patrick Stadler of New Incentives to follow up on a grant andy.nevarez 5/4/16
Interim review of the END Fund Devin Jacob 5/4/16
Impact of GiveWell's top charities Devin Jacob 5/2/16
Conversation with Dr. Dirk Taljaard of CHAPS about voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) andy.nevarez 4/26/16
Conversation with Results for Development about its Amoxicillin Dispersible Tablet (Amox DT) program andy.nevarez 4/21/16
Conversation with Roy Head and Will Snell of DMI andy.nevarez 4/19/16
Interim review of Sightsavers' deworming programs Devin Jacob 4/12/16
Deworm the World Initiative room for more funding update Devin Jacob 4/12/16
Conversation with Jeff Brown and Karen Levy of Evidence Action about the No Lean Season program Nicole Ross 4/11/16
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