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NeuralEnsemble ( is a community of people interested in working together to develop open-source software for neuroscience, and in discussing computational approaches to understanding biological neural systems, whether this is through simulation, data analysis or improved data management.

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Reading large Plexon data, writing to useful format (Neo) Florian Gerard-Mercier 11/24/15
Create multiple v_threshold/neuron parameters within same population 11/23/15
Neo and large files Niccolò Bonacchi 11/19/15
Blackrock NSx and nev files in neo Niccolò Bonacchi 11/19/15
Using PyNN on Brian-v2 simulator 11/13/15
Looking for grad students and postdocs for Neuroinformatics research Rick Gerkin 10/19/15
Fluctuating spike threshold independently for each neuron Guillaume Dumas 10/9/15
Controling STDP parameters with global variables Guillaume Dumas 8/31/15
Docker images with NEST, NEURON, Brian and PyNN Andrew Davison 8/28/15
Numpy dependency for Elephant Mansion 8/24/15
PyNN 0.8.0 release candidate 1 Andrew Davison 8/19/15
writing hdf5 files with Neo Luke Yuri Prince 7/1/15
Often the most programming in comp neuro? Nate Sutton 5/12/15
hybrid parallel simulation with NEST: global random number generators not synchronized Sacha van Albada 5/11/15
`IF_cond_exp` but with `tau_syn_NMDA` and `tau_syn_AMPA` instead of a single `tau_syn_E` Daniel Bliss 5/5/15
New release of NeuroML 2 and LEMS and two recent publications Padraig Gleeson 4/30/15
reading pl2 files Tomasz Górski 4/29/15
PyNN: recording V_m from NEST native cell type Sacha van Albada 4/16/15
Re: [NeuralEnsemble] Unable to get metadata from file (neo) sgarcia 4/3/15
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