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NeuralEnsemble ( is a community of people interested in working together to develop open-source software for neuroscience, and in discussing computational approaches to understanding biological neural systems, whether this is through simulation, data analysis or improved data management.

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neo 0.6.0 sgarcia 3/23/18
NameError: name 'EIF_cond_exp_isfa_ista' is not defined René Andrade Rey 2/5/18
Parameters to new synaptic model 1/15/18
Gathering voltages of round robin fashion distributed cells in ascending order of Neuron_ID. vaila ruthvik 12/8/17
Code sprint in January for Neo and MNE Andrew Davison 11/8/17
Acquisition protocols from .abf 11/2/17
neo 0.5.2 sgarcia 10/2/17
Nest Extension Module in PyNN Juan Carlos Gomez Lopez 10/2/17
Potentially unreliable simulation times using pyNN.neuron and MPI parallelism Carlos Fernandez Musoles 9/9/17
NixIO is unbearably slow to create new neo h5 files 9/6/17
PyNN NEST simulation freezing when running in parallel (MPI) in cluster Carlos Fernandez Musoles 9/6/17
Reading simple-binary raw format (NetStation-EGI) Margarita R Olazar 9/4/17
Simulation spike trains with rate changing every millisecond: issue with the inh_poisson_generator f Servant Mathieu 8/28/17
neo and .abf Maja 8/24/17
Accessing membrane potential of the Population class during simulation. vaila ruthvik 7/31/17
Self introduction: Ankur Sinha (and a Gitter channel for neuroscience related talk) Ankur Sinha 6/25/17
new API sgarcia 6/23/17
Biophysical Memory Modeling Major Areas Nate Sutton 6/19/17
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NeoMatlabIO raises AttributeError when reading a block Pietro Marchesi 6/8/17
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