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[ANN] Google Group Policy Change - howto questions to Stack Overflow, broader discussions here Michael Hunger 2/1/15
Please supply full context information when posting questions to this group Michael Hunger 8/14/12
Problems with createEntityFromStoredType... null pointer! :( Josef Karthauser 2/28/15
Another Native-Java-DSL for the Cypher Language Wolfgang Schuetzelhofer 2/28/15
how to remove duplicate nodes, where the basis for evaluation are node properties? Gallagher Polyn 2/27/15
Modelling: movement through logistics network Patrick Mast 2/27/15
Matter with CSV Import highfivedenis 2/27/15
2.2-M04 graph visual UI ignores multiple node labels (silently ignores all by the first label which is choosen by random) Andrii Stesin 2/27/15
how to set up the graphDB location at the server startup without changing conf file ? karim duran 2/26/15
Ignoring apostrophes in strings Jean-Baptiste Gllpn 2/26/15
[Neo4j] [neo4j] Running the web admin inside Tomcat Ian Forsey 2/26/15
New lucene index on existing graph with custom analyzer. Aris Fergadis 2/25/15
Optimistic locking with advanced mapping Denis Moret 2/24/15
Has anyone tried using the visualization example posted on ? Arvind Upadhyay 2/24/15
Regarding Optimistic locking in spring data graph gokulakanna balakrishnan 2/24/15
Retrieves nodes where all linked nodes have a property that id different from a given value Fabien Bergeret 2/24/15
Request For Neo4j-Android connection example Jeyaganeshan Jeyatharsini 2/24/15
Cypher returning subgraphs Gonzalo Díaz 2/24/15
(neo4j + android + ant )facing problem to get 2 jars from github project ( Pooja More 2/23/15
parsing / creating cypher Clark Richey 2/23/15
sending cypher query from url FERHAT Ilyes 2/23/15
what are primary categories of visualization or, at least, alternatives to standard "graph" visualization? Gallagher Polyn 2/23/15
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