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Welcome to the forum for Nancy - a Sinatra inspired web framework for the .NET platform.

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Closing down the group on Juli 31st Andreas Håkansson 7/11/14
Announcing Nancy Andreas Håkansson 11/29/10
What's the best way to secure a Nancy web site? Mark Erickson 7/19/14
FluentValidation in unit test Johan Driessen 7/15/14
Nancy.Testing Speed Fran Hoey 7/9/14
Nancy.Authentication.Token - Unable to resolve type Davey Montooth 7/7/14
XML Soap A B 7/4/14
DefaultNancyAspNetBootstrapper vs DefaultNancyBootstrapper Per Rovegård 6/27/14
Embedded content Roy Jacobs 6/24/14
How can I replace the Nancy.ViewEngines.Razor.IRazorConfiguration SchlaWiener 6/24/14
Access NancyContext in the same way as HttpContext.Current Fran Hoey 6/19/14
help with oauth authentication with Owin & Nancy Ben James 6/19/14
Hosting Nancy on a shared windows server Javad Darvish Amiry 6/10/14
Validator in separate assembly aren't loaded unless validator in Nancy assembly is loaded first heyseuss 6/3/14
API restriction: The assembly 'file:///C:\Blah.dll' has already loaded from a different location Aubrey Dean 6/3/14
IIS 7.5 reports "Could not load type" when attempting to load page 6/2/14
A few newbie issues with ASP.NET Razor MV10 5/29/14
Razor Helper not working Francois Eyl 5/26/14
Oauth in Nancy Owin hosted in Ben James 5/22/14
Custom view location problem Gábor Gelencsér 5/20/14
How to create a webservice using NancyFX in ASP.NET? Michel Guerra 5/20/14
F# + Json/Xml + NoSql Ari 5/20/14
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