Please direct questions on the N8VEM homebrew computing project to this mailing list.  Nearly all emails sent to my personal address go unanswered or take several days or weeks to my response.  Thanks and have a nice day!  Andrew Lynch

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Zeta SBC V2 PCBs are available Sergey 9:52 AM
DOS/65 SD (Super Directory) Utility RichLeary 3/28/15
New Mark IV UP AG5AT 3/28/15
TinyBASIC on the mini-68k AltairManRich 3/24/15
Fuzix for N8VEM Mark IV SBC Will Sowerbutts 3/24/15
ParPortProp Question Alan Cox 3/22/15
An MC68030 SBC Design nm156 3/22/15
Need an application to read and write SD cards computerdoc 3/18/15
Another CUBIX 6809 Multicomp Microcomputer is Online! computerdoc 3/18/15
Multicomps to be shown at this year's CoCoFEST in Lombard, IL computerdoc 3/16/15
FLEX9 for 6x0x update. Borut 3/8/15
DOS/65 Update RichLeary 3/7/15
Zeta SBC V2 Sergey 3/2/15
DOS/65 V3 RichLeary 2/26/15
dual SD card for n8vem z80 Raf Ver Berne 2/24/15
XT-IDE-CF Lite "ROM checksum error" eroberung....@googlemail.com 2/23/15
FW: 68040 SBC lynchaj 2/18/15
Fw: http://n8vem-sbc.pbworks.com/w/file/67634522/Printing%20ECB-RAMF-R11.sch.pdf 404 error lynchaj 2/18/15
Programs for the Dartmouth Time Sharing System Simulator Basic Programming Contest computerdoc 2/17/15
Voltera - Kickstarter G. Beat 2/16/15
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