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Something like Wanderlust's "Folder mode"? Hippo Man 8/25/16
Is it possible to hide messages in mu4e-land? myglc2 8/25/16
Drafts of the same message, accumulating Nicolas Richard 8/22/16
mu4e-view-verify-msg-popup Paul Rankin 8/18/16
Bizarre results using s:some*thing* Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 8/17/16
Changing existing headers? Hippo Man 8/15/16
Too many E-Mail Adresses in TO:-Header Thorsten Grothe 8/14/16
Procmail|Maildrop workflow Eduardo Mercovich 8/9/16
mu4e and bbdb Christoph Gaitzsch 8/8/16
Reply to own message - no email account found Simon Feldkamp 8/8/16
Mu4e contacts export Charles-H. Schulz 8/7/16
Time for a 0.9.17 development release? Charles-H. Schulz 8/7/16
Re: Need help with view action for sending message to mug or maybe setting charset for HTML message to view it in browser djcb 8/7/16
Possible small bug Gustavo 7/31/16
Buffer problems when sending email Gustavo 7/29/16
tweaking indexing performance (experimental) djcb 7/28/16
mu incredibly slow (index + display) and sometimes doesn't show message at all Nico Schottelius 7/28/16
Attaching multiple mails Eduardo Mercovich 7/26/16
The dreaded "Waiting for message..." message and what to do about it Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 7/20/16
mu sexp date format Norman Köhring 7/20/16
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