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Installation Runtime Error Neil5280 10/7/15
Fwd: Git for Windows 2.5.1 is out Johannes Schindelin 8/31/15
Request for help: wiki page on symbolic links Johannes Schindelin 8/30/15
Build failed in Jenkins: MSysGit - the development behind Git for Windows » git #286 BuildHive 8/30/15
Git for Windows SDK installation shows errors Johannes Sixt 8/25/15
Proposal: (Ab-)using XDG_CONFIG_HOME for roaming .gitconfig settings Johannes Schindelin 8/25/15
[msysgit/git] GitHub 8/20/15
GfW 2 displays 2nd icon in taskbar when pinned to it Dirk Heinrichs 8/19/15
Git for Windows 2.5.0 Johannes Schindelin 8/19/15
error: cannot spawn git: No such file or directory Matthew Kanwisher 8/18/15
[msysgit/git] 3259ef: msysGit-based Git for Windows 1.x was superseded b... GitHub 8/18/15
[msysgit/msysgit] 088d25: Mark msysGit as obsolete GitHub 8/18/15
The hook post-update doesn't work automatically. Manually it works fine Frank Vestris 8/14/15
[PATCH bc/connect-plink] t5601-clone: remove broken and pointless check for plink.exe Johannes Sixt 8/13/15
[PATCH nd/dwim-wildcards-as-pathspecs] t2019: skip test requiring '*' in a file name non Windows Johannes Sixt 8/13/15
[PATCH] prune: close directory earlier during loose-object directory traversal Johannes Sixt 8/13/15
[PATCH] revisions --stdin: accept CRLF line terminators Johannes Sixt 8/12/15
[PATCH ee/clean-remove-dirs] t7300-clean: require POSIXPERM for chmod 0 test Johannes Sixt 8/11/15
Re: 4th release candidate of Git for Windows 2.x, was Re: 3rd release candidate of Git for Windows 2.x Marc Strapetz 8/10/15
Changing PATH variable after git installation 8/8/15
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