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[Community Education] Call tomorrow Emma Irwin 2/18/15
Hive Pop-up Maker Party Bhubaneswar umesh agarwal 2/18/15
Creating Learning Pathways on MDN Jeremie Patonnier 2/18/15
What we're working on now Matt Thompson 2/17/15
Idea for Train the Trainee Session SAI CHARAN REDDY P 2/17/15
[Community Education] Git & Github Emma Irwin 2/16/15
[Learning Area] Weekly Meeting #27 Jeremie Patonnier 2/16/15
CSS not working on Webmaker Page SAI CHARAN REDDY P 2/14/15
Make on Aurora's Firefox Club. SAI CHARAN REDDY P 2/14/15
How to Use Bugzilla to Efficiently Squash Bugs Tanay Pant 2/11/15
"I like you in a non-creepy way" - Erase All Kittens Remixable Valentine's Cards! Joe Dytrych 2/10/15
[Web Literacy Map] Happy Birthday / 12 February community call! Doug Belshaw 2/10/15
Educators' workshop: Privacy resources and badges co-designed with teens (Toronto) Karen Smith 2/9/15
[Learning Area] Weekly Meeting #26 Jeremie Patonnier 2/9/15
Webmaker Field Research Report from Kenya Matt Thompson 2/9/15
Smiles and Claps of participants to Mozilla!!!! SAI CHARAN REDDY P 2/9/15
French localizers needed for privacy resources for Webmaker Karen Smith 2/8/15
[Web Literacy Map] Recording from 5 February 2015 Doug Belshaw 2/6/15
Login Question Emma Irwin 2/4/15
[Web Literacy Map] Community call: 5 February 2015 Doug Belshaw 2/3/15
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