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Module updates for URL Classifier Gian-Carlo Pascutto 5/4/17
New module proposal: DOM File Handling Andrea Marchesini 5/1/17
DeviceStorage module should be removed Andrea Marchesini 4/30/17
New module: WebVR Jet Villegas 4/25/17
Module ownership change for Web Workers Eric Rahm 4/20/17
Module ownership change for IDB Eric Rahm 4/20/17
ImageLib owners Gian-Carlo Pascutto 3/31/17
Thunderbird UX submodule Magnus Melin 3/30/17
Incentives in open source participation: A survey Malvika Rao 3/23/17
The future of commit access policy for core Firefox Mike Connor 3/21/17
New module: Gecko Profiler Nicholas Nethercote 3/13/17
Thunderbird Council Elections 2017 - Preliminary Electoral Roll Jörg Knobloch 3/1/17
Escalating review of [Bug 1342060] wasm: enable by default Douglas Crosher 2/28/17
Firefox for Android - Owners & Peers Sebastian Kaspari 2/22/17
Re: planned changes to peers of Embedding module Myk Melez 2/7/17
planned changes to peers of Embedding module Myk Melez 1/23/17
Proposed change to Mozilla Wiki submodule ownership. Mike Hoye 1/20/17
Changes to etiquette.html in Emma Humphries 1/11/17
Module proposal: Gecko C++/Rust usage, tools, and style Nathan Froyd 1/3/17
Thunderbird, the future, mozilla-central and comm-central Mitchell Baker 12/29/16
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