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Mozilla Wiki owner? 12/4/16
Thunderbird, the future, mozilla-central and comm-central Mitchell Baker 12/3/16
Firefox Module Ownership Dave Camp 11/30/16
splitting painting code out of the layout module L. David Baron 11/6/16
Proposal -- New Owner of Commit Access Policy Mitchell Baker 10/25/16
Issues, meta-issues and transparency Filipus Klutiero 10/18/16
Discussion forum (Re: Issues, meta-issues and transparency) Filipus Klutiero 10/10/16
Re: Geolocation Module ownership changes Kan-Ru Chen 10/6/16
New owner of Embedding module Benjamin Smedberg 9/28/16
updates to Thunderbird peers Magnus Melin 9/21/16
XPCOM peer changes Nathan Froyd 9/6/16
Push Module Ownership changes 9/4/16
Geolocation Module ownership changes 9/4/16
Module Ownership change for BMO Byron Jones 8/16/16
Re: governance Digest, Vol 115, Issue 10 8/16/16
Editor module proposal Masayuki Nakano 8/15/16
proposed module: Emeritus Module Owners Mitchell Baker 8/11/16
Proposed change to Commit Access Policy Level 3 Mitchell Baker 8/11/16
Re: Owner for Commit Access Policy Gregory Szorc 8/11/16
Owner of Commit Access Policy Mitchell Baker 8/3/16
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