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Change of owners for the Mozilla Websites - SUMO and Input Modules 4/28/15
Mozilla email accounts associated with community projects R Kent James 4/28/15
Modules for websites needs updating David Weir 4/22/15
Re: company-confidential or mozillian-confidential? Stormy Peters 4/20/15
company-confidential or mozillian-confidential? Benjamin Kerensa 4/16/15
Proposed new submodules: WebRTC Signaling, WebRTC Media Adam Roach 4/13/15
Re: Change of owner for Tree Sheriffs module Lawrence Mandel 4/7/15
Change of owner for Tree Sheriffs module Ed Morley 4/2/15
license for dictionary Fjoerfoks 3/16/15
New module contributors David Weir 3/16/15
Complain For FX OS Device Manufacturer Bhautik Patel 3/3/15
Words from a Mozillian Part II Dicky Moe 2/23/15
Resuming the quarterly Bugzilla database dumps for researchers. Mike Hoye 2/19/15
PN Changes (Snippets (SMS Campaign), Default Search and SSL Error Reporting) 2/12/15
Proposed new module: Loop aka Firefox Hello Adam Roach 2/2/15
Logging All Public Project IRC Channels Benjamin Kerensa 1/30/15
Change of owners for the Thunderbird and Mailnews Core Modules Mark Banner 1/30/15
Re: Ownership of the Rhino project Gavin Sharp 1/29/15
Re: proposed "commit access implementation" module Brendan Eich 1/27/15 email addresses for Mozilla Reps Benjamin Kerensa 1/22/15
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