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Proposal: Addressing the term “meritocracy” in the governance statement Patrick Finch 6/17/18
Leaving the project 4/22/18
Media Playback module owner is now Jean-Yves Avenard 4/11/18
Proposal: Firefox Technical Leadership Module Dave Camp 3/21/18
Let's remove the "BrowserID" module Ryan Kelly 3/7/18
Andrew McCreight and Nika Layzel are now DOM peers Peter Van der Beken 3/2/18
Sandboxing Module updates Gian-Carlo Pascutto 2/14/18
Sandboxing - Windows Peers update 2/12/18
Re: Thunderbird Council Elections 2018 - Preliminary Electoral Roll Óvári 2/3/18
Deleting the mozApps API & UI module Ehsan Akhgari 2/1/18
New module proposal: Screenshots Wil Clouser 1/29/18
New module proposal: Animation Brian Birtles 1/24/18
Re: Handing off Style System module ownership to Cameron McCormack L. David Baron 1/21/18
Taskgraph module Gregory Szorc 1/10/18
new Style System module peers Cameron McCormack 1/9/18
Editor peer update Masayuki Nakano 1/9/18
How Firefox violates the term "Free and Open Source" Joe Smith 1/4/18
posting to governance Peter Seeger 1/3/18
Re: Changes to etiquette.html in Filipus Klutiero 1/1/18
Change I18N Library owners and peers Makoto Kato 12/23/17
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