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Module proposal: Gecko C++/Rust usage, tools, and style Nathan Froyd 4/27/16
Getting attention to unowned modules, especially Core::Editor, Core::Serializers and Core::Spelling checker Jörg Knobloch 4/26/16
Thunderbird Update Gervase Markham 4/25/16
Re: new module owner for Input William Kahn-Greene 4/18/16
Remove Pocket Integration from Firefox 4/15/16
new module owner for Input William Kahn-Greene 4/6/16
Desktop Runtime module obsolete Myk Melez 3/9/16
How we treat DNT on Mozilla web properties 3/1/16
Module Proposal: Mozilla Communities Web Services Majken Connor 2/17/16
Handling of security bugs is flawed Rafael Gieschke 2/11/16
Module proposal: Benjamin Smedberg 2/10/16
Resigning my project roles Brendan Eich 2/9/16
security module peers Martin Thomson 1/31/16
Update to Firefox Privacy Notice 1/26/16
Module Owners and Peers Emeritus Gervase Markham 1/8/16
Private tracking for Android . 1/5/16
Contributions 1/2/16
Thunderbird, the future, mozilla-central and comm-central Mitchell Baker 12/22/15
update to Thunderbird peers Magnus Melin 12/20/15
Edgar Chen is now co-owning the Emulator module Thomas Zimmermann 12/16/15
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