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Proposed Update for Email Communications Michele Warther 9:44 AM
New Firefox Accounts Module Owner: Ryan Kelly Christopher Karlof 9/15/17
React license and Mozilla/Firefox 9/15/17
Usage of Differential Privacy & RAPPOR Georg Fritzsche 9/12/17
Proposed Update for Firefox Browser Privacy Notice 9/7/17
Proposed Update for Firefox Services Legal Terms 9/7/17
Kris Maglione and Andrew McCreight are now XPConnect Peers Bobby Holley 9/7/17
Preferences module Nicholas Nethercote 8/30/17
Welcome new IndexedDB peers. Jan Varga 8/19/17
New Firefox data steward Benjamin Smedberg 8/18/17
Super-review - proposal to remove given lack of super-review-specific usage Gijs Kruitbosch 7/30/17
Firefox for Android (Fennec) peers Sebastian Kaspari 7/18/17
3rd party web analytics vendors Ed Galligan 7/12/17
Intent to add peers to the DevTools module Patrick Brosset 6/21/17
Are Firefox OS and Gaia modules still relevant? Nicholas Nethercote 6/20/17
Removal of the XTF module Nicholas Nethercote 6/19/17
Resigning as NSPR module owner Ted Mielczarek 6/5/17
Lists of Countries and Regions Gervase Markham 6/1/17
Module updates for URL Classifier Gian-Carlo Pascutto 5/4/17
New module proposal: DOM File Handling Andrea Marchesini 5/1/17
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