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Webdev Extravaganza: Next Tuesday at 10AM Pacific Michael Kelly 9:29 AM
Re: dev-webdev Digest, Vol 30, Issue 9 Christopher More 2/25/15
Blog Post: Privacy and Google Analytics Chris Van Wiemeersch 2/25/15
Beer and Tell: This Friday at 2PM Pacific Michael Kelly 2/23/15
MDN Developer Services Survey Q1'15 results & updates Luke Crouch 2/19/15
jingo vs django-jinja vs others? Michael Kelly 2/6/15
Webdev Extravaganza: Next Tuesday at 10AM Pacific Michael Kelly 2/6/15
Automated testing for migrations Michael Cooper 2/5/15
peep 2.2, with nice progress bars Erik Rose 2/3/15
Version-controlling Bower packages, compiled CSS, and other production-ready assets John Karahalis 2/2/15
List of Mozilla Webdev Projects (HALP NEEDED) Michael Kelly 2/2/15
Help Defend MDN! Justin Crawford 1/29/15
django-browserid v0.11.1 out (jingo users can now upgrade!) Michael Kelly 1/28/15
Less fixtures less inserts less time running tests Peter Bengtsson 1/28/15
Re: what do the desks of WebDev look like? Kumar McMillan 1/27/15
(no subject) Abhi Mitra 1/27/15
Beer and Tell: Friday, January 16th at 2PM Pacific Michael Kelly 1/23/15
django-nose and south, but don't test migrations! Peter Bengtsson 1/20/15
Contribute to mozilla Shrija Mishra 1/18/15
Fwd: Hack on MDN Weekend Ali Spivak 1/16/15
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