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Java plugin phase out timeline Java Dev 1/20/17
Extend Support for SilverLight 9/15/16
Extend Support for Sliverlight 9/14/16
Appeal to extend the support for Silverlight 9/14/16
Request to Extend Support for Silverlight 9/14/16
Appeal to extend Silverlight support 9/14/16
Request firefox to extend support Silverlight 9/14/16
Extand support for Silver light 9/14/16
Request to Extend Support for Silver Light on Firefox Darshita Bhanderi 9/14/16
Extend Support for Silver Light on Mozilla 9/14/16
Request Firefox To Extend Support For Silverlight 9/13/16
Phasing out NPAPI extensions Omkar Pathak 9/13/16
Fwd: [Mozilla Enterprise] NPAPI "exact" support end - will ESR52 still support NPAPI? Sebastian Metzger 8/15/16
Re: dev-tech-plugins Digest, Vol 119, Issue 2 georges pyr 8/2/16
Replaying video support 5/25/16
JavaScript does not load Thiago Pereira de Ázara 5/6/16
Kill child_process Mikael Haltali 3/10/16
Helping ensure privacy + security Chris Antaki 12/5/15
xulrunner sdk and webvtt-config.h philou 10/17/15
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