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Warning about posting via Google Groups Gervase Markham 7:51 AM
November 2017 CA Communication ACTION 1 April 15 2018 date question Arkadiusz Ławniczak 11/17/17
Termination of the certificates business of Startcom 谭晓生 11/17/17
Question on CAA processing for mixed wildcard and non-wildcard SAN DNS names Quirin Scheitle 11/17/17
Embedding improper SCTs into OCSP Responses Compliance SwissSign 11/17/17
DRAFT November 2017 CA Communication Kathleen Wilson 11/16/17
Re: DigiCert/Symantec updates Kathleen Wilson 11/16/17
.tg Certificates Issued by Let's Encrypt Daniel Cater 11/16/17
CCADB Report: AllCertificateRecordsCSVFormat Kathleen Wilson 11/15/17
Swiss Government root inclusion request Aaron Wu 11/15/17
Violations of Baseline Requirements 4.9.10 Paul Kehrer 11/14/17
Forbidden Practices: Subscriber key generation Doug Beattie 11/14/17
New Sub CAs under the DigiCert RSA and ECC Transition Roots Ben Wilson 11/13/17
Francisco Partners acquires Comodo certificate authority business Kyle Hamilton 11/10/17
Discrepancy in Included CAs and Included CA Certificates List 11/9/17
Incident report - ROCA fingerprints in certificates issued by Comodo CA (was Re: RSA key generation vulnerability in Infineon firmware) Rob Stradling 11/9/17
DigiCert ROCA fingerprint incident report Jeremy Rowley 11/8/17
Third party use of OneCRL 11/8/17
Re: ETSI Audits Almost Always FAIL to list audit period Dimitris Zacharopoulos 11/7/17
Estonia e-residency instructing users not to update Firefox (on Mac) Henri Sivonen 11/7/17
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