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Incidents involving the CA WoSign Gervase Markham 4:03 PM
Next CA Communication -- September? Kathleen Wilson 7:08 AM
Added columns to Revoked Intermediate Certs reports Kathleen Wilson 8/26/16
NEW Certificate Manager Add-on Kathleen Wilson 8/25/16
Amazon Root Inclusion Request Kathleen Wilson 8/25/16
StartCom's StartPKI rugk 8/25/16
FNMT Root Inclusion Request Kathleen Wilson 8/25/16
Japan GPKI Root Renewal Request Kathleen Wilson 8/25/16
Comodo Legal Phishing attack against ISRG? 8/18/16
Hongkong Post recently issued SHA1 cert that could be used in TLS Kathleen Wilson 8/18/16
Summary of August 2016 Audit Reminder Emails Kathleen Wilson 8/17/16
Request: File of PEM data for Microsoft's included root certs Kathleen Wilson 8/16/16
Intermediate certificate disclosure deadline was 2 weeks ago!! (was Re: Salesforce offline Tuesday, June 28, for data import) Rob Stradling 8/16/16
Server certificate domain validation bug Robin Alden 8/15/16
Incomplete Intermediate Cert Records Kathleen Wilson 8/11/16
Dealing with SubCAs with many nameConstraints S Davidson 8/8/16
Second Discussion of LuxTrust Root Inclusion Request Kathleen Wilson 8/4/16
Guang Dong Certificate Authority (GDCA) root inclusion request Kathleen Wilson 8/3/16
TSYS Application for SHA-1 Issuance - Counter-cryptanalysis Andrew Whalley 8/1/16
ISRG Root Inclusion Request Kathleen Wilson 7/20/16
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