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WoSign and StartCom Gervase Markham 5:08 AM
Second Discussion of LuxTrust Root Inclusion Request Kathleen Wilson 9/27/16
Audit requirements Peter Bowen 9/27/16
Sanctions short of distrust Nick Lamb 9/27/16
WoSign and duplicate serial numbers Kurt Roeckx 9/27/16
Updating Production Common CA Database Kathleen Wilson 9/27/16
Guang Dong Certificate Authority (GDCA) root inclusion request Kathleen Wilson 9/26/16
WoSign and StartCom audit reports Peter Bowen 9/26/16
Comodo issued a certificate for an extension Showfom 9/26/16
Fwd: [cabfpub] Public disclosure of 68 GlobalSign SSL certificates issued without EKU or KU Richard Wang 9/23/16
Incidents involving the CA WoSign Gervase Markham 9/23/16
Removing Government of France root certificate -- issuance of SHA-1 certs detected Kathleen Wilson 9/22/16
OpenSSL OCSP serious vulnerability Richard Wang 9/22/16
Taiwan GRCA Root Renewal Request Kathleen Wilson 9/22/16
Maybe Mozilla can work with Chinese CAs to urge Chinese government to open up its internet a bit more? 9/21/16
Cerificate Concern about Cloudflare's DNS Han Yuwei 9/20/16
WoSign Issue L and port 8080 Jakob Bohm 9/19/16
Is Firefox SHA-1 Deprecation Policy configurable? 9/19/16
Ambiguous wording or the Mozilla CA security reporting requirement Jakob Bohm 9/16/16
Compromised certificate that the owner didn't wish to revoke (signed by GeoTrust) Kyle Hamilton 9/14/16
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