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Certificate issues Jeremy Rowley 11:14 AM
Announcing TLS Canary 3.0 9:10 AM
Symantec Conclusions and Next Steps Gervase Markham 4:06 AM
SHA-1 serverAuth cert issued by Trustis in November 2016 Rob Stradling 2:19 AM
Removing "Wildcard DV Certs" from Potentially Problematic Practices list Gervase Markham 2:17 AM
DRAFT - BR Self Assessments Kathleen Wilson 4/22/17
Guang Dong Certificate Authority (GDCA) root inclusion request Kathleen Wilson 4/22/17
Extend deadline for April 2017 CA Communication? Kathleen Wilson 4/21/17
Questions for Symantec Gervase Markham 4/21/17
Policy 2.5 Proposal: Remove the bullet about "fraudulent use" Gervase Markham 4/21/17
CA Validation quality is failing Mike vd Ent 4/20/17
Policy 2.5 Proposal: Remove BR duplication: reasons for revocation Gervase Markham 4/20/17
Policy 2.5 Proposal: Require qualified auditors unless agreed in advance Gervase Markham 4/20/17
Policy 2.5 Proposal: Fix definition of constraints for id-kp-emailProtection Gervase Markham 4/20/17
Policy 2.5 Proposal: Merge Mozilla CCADB policy into main Root Store policy Gervase Markham 4/20/17
Policy 2.5 Proposal: Expand requirements about what an Audit Statement must include Gervase Markham 4/20/17
Next CA Communication Gervase Markham 4/20/17
Symantec Response L Steve Medin 4/19/17
Common CA Database updated with new logos Kathleen Wilson 4/18/17
Audit Reminder Email Summary Kathleen Wilson 4/18/17
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