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Remediation Plan for WoSign and StartCom Kathleen Wilson 9:06 PM
StartCom & Qihoo Incidents Ryan Sleevi 1:13 AM
Guang Dong Certificate Authority (GDCA) root inclusion request Kathleen Wilson 10/22/16
Please avoid S/MIME signatures when posting to this group Gervase Markham 10/22/16
Draft Email - Non-Disclosed SubCAs Kathleen Wilson 10/22/16
Mozilla Root Store Elsewhere (Was Re: StartCom & Qihoo Incidents) Tom Ritter 10/22/16
Globalsign accidental intermediate revocation incident Adrian R. 10/22/16
Re: Incident Report - OCR Daniel McCarney 10/21/16
Participants list Gervase Markham 10/18/16
Re: Incident Report - certificate with 'sb' as a SAN:dnsName Gervase Markham 10/18/16
StartCom remediation plan Inigo Barreira 10/14/16
List Content Policy Gervase Markham 10/13/16
WoSign: updated report and discussion Gervase Markham 10/13/16
SHA-1 Phase-out Konstantinos Tsimaris 10/12/16
Incidents involving the CA WoSign Gervase Markham 10/11/16
Include Symantec-brand Class 1 and Class 2 Root Certs Kathleen Wilson 10/9/16
WoSign and StartCom: next steps Gervase Markham 10/9/16
cablint/certlint updated Peter Bowen 10/8/16
WoSign and StartCom Gervase Markham 10/7/16
SHA-1 exception First Data Nick Lamb 10/7/16
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