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UnPluggd Summer Edition 2015 (Bangalore) 6/11/15
Research paper on ability of Google/others to track behavior via Referrer: headers John Jensen 6/8/15
Tracking Protection's blocklists Georg Koppen 6/8/15
Fwd: New extension signing scheme and US government interference/censorship bernard 6/3/15
GRI Certified Training Course On G4 Reporting Framework Shruthi Rao 6/3/15
Leading SAFe Program (SA) at ISB Hyderabad 6/1/15
Fwd: [liberationtech] Ghostery, NoScript.. add-ons frequently phone home Allen Gunn 4/27/15
Research report on multiple accounts Bram Pitoyo 4/13/15
Testing new UA string for Firefox 3/17/15
Tor Mode: To pref or not to pref? Mike Perry 3/2/15
Seeking privacy-/net activist-centric RSS feeds for mobile app 2/23/15
Call for Participation – ACM SigComm2015 – Workshop on Ethics in Networked Systems Research Bendert Zevenbergen 2/18/15
WebRTC privacy problems Daniel Berntsson 2/13/15
Isolating sites from one another and dealing with multiple online identities Francois Marier 2/8/15
Firefox cloud services privacy and password syncing Mook 2/2/15
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Shortened HTTP Referer header project Brian Smith 12/9/14
Fwd: [webappsec] Rechartering: Sub-Origins Brian Smith 11/12/14
Prefer:Safe in Firefox Afowler 10/7/14
information leak: check if user is redirected by arbitrary url 9/24/14
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