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Intent to implement and ship: document.execCommand("cut"/"copy") Ehsan Akhgari 1:51 AM
Is there an e10s plan for multiple content processes? Leman Bennett (Omega X) 1:47 AM
Using rust in Gecko. rust-url compatibility Valentin Gosu 1:28 AM
Web Speech API Installation Build Flags 12:54 AM
xulrunner-stub for launching app via firefox 5/5/15
Mercurial 3.4 / Reporting Mercurial Issues / Birthday Party Gregory Szorc 5/5/15
Proposal to alter the coding style to not require the usage of 'virtual' where 'override' is used Ehsan Akhgari 5/5/15
No more binary components in extensions Benjamin Smedberg 5/5/15
what is new in talos, what is coming up Joel Maher 5/5/15
Intent to deprecate: Insecure HTTP Richard Barnes 5/5/15
It is now possible to apply arbitrary tags to tests/manifests and run all tests with a given tag Andrew Halberstadt 5/4/15
Re: W3C Proposed Recommendation: HTML5 Web Messaging L. David Baron 5/4/15
Intent to implement: Metrics API for FxOS data collection Tamara Hills 5/4/15
What's the plan to implement UDP sockets in Worker? Yonggang Luo 5/3/15
reminder: C++ mode lines Andrew McCreight 5/3/15
PSA: moz_malloc, moz_realloc, moz_calloc and moz_free are no more Mike Hommey 4/30/15
A question about do_QueryInterface() ishikawa 4/30/15
Some more PLDHashTable API tweaks Nicholas Nethercote 4/30/15
Tab titles no longer underlined in e10s Bill McCloskey 4/30/15
Cleopatra can take larger profiles now. Mike Conley 4/30/15
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