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Intent to Ship: Set document.URL (location) to url of active document when navigation started for javascript:-generated documents Samael Wang 8:50 AM
Intent to remove pcast and feed protocols Jonathan Kingston 12/12/17
ARM performance testing on GNU/Linux instead of Android? Henri Sivonen 12/12/17
Intent to ship WebRTC RTCRtpReceiver contributing and synchronization sources Nico Grunbaum 12/11/17
[Firefox Desktop] Issues found: December 4th to December 8th Bogdan Maris 12/11/17
Problems of Microtasks & Promises in Firefox Bevis Tseng 12/10/17
Flash on Firefox Win64 runs on windowless mode only Makoto Kato 12/9/17
new code to help with cross-process windows/workers (and Clients API) Ben Kelly 12/9/17
Firefox build issues with Rust and the new VS2017 15.5 update Ryan VanderMeulen 12/8/17
new helper class to avoid leaks when using DOM promises in non-window-related data structures Andrew McCreight 12/8/17
OMTP enabled in nightly on OSX Ryan Hunt 12/8/17
Default developer mozconfig with clang 12/8/17
test-verify now running as tier 2 Geoffrey Brown 12/7/17
Phabricator/Lando update, November 2017 Mark Côté 12/7/17
Dropping remains of support for non-UTF-8 file paths on Gtk platforms (was: Re: Please do not use GetNativePath and GetNativeTarget in XP code and Windows-specific code) Henri Sivonen 12/7/17
Intent to Ship: Web Authentication JC Jones 12/6/17
Intent to ship: Do not allow a http-auth prompt requested by an image resource loaded from a cross-origin Dragana Damjanovic 12/6/17
`general.useragent.locale` is no more. All hail `intl.locale.requested` Zibi Braniecki (Gandalf) 12/5/17
Intent to unship: SMIL accessKey support Brian Birtles 12/5/17
Please do not use GetNativePath and GetNativeTarget in XP code and Windows-specific code Masatoshi Kimura 12/5/17
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