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MXR permanently offline, please transition to DXR Lawrence Mandel 6/25/16
Upcoming C++ standards meeting in Oulu, Finland Botond Ballo 6/25/16
Bug 1260651 will rename whole classes under editor/libeditor, so, when you need to touch in it, let me know before landing masayuki nakano 6/24/16
WebRTC connections do not trigger content policies. Should they? Paul Ellenbogen 6/24/16
Why do we still need to include Qt widget in mozilla-central? masayuki nakano 6/24/16
Heads up on awesome change to socorro that will change crash stats... Milan Sreckovic 6/23/16
Fwd: [TCW] Scheduled Tree Closing Maintenance Window 2016-06-25 06:00hrs PDT (1.5 Hours) Hal Wine 6/23/16
PSA: Removing the Pointerlock permission UI Dale Harvey 6/23/16
Notes about implementing DOM APIs in Rust Henri Sivonen 6/23/16
Proposed W3C Charter: Web of Things Interest Group David Baron 6/23/16
ARIA membership and role="password" Jonathan Kingston 6/21/16
Intent to ship: Treat cookies set over non-secure HTTP as session cookies Chris Peterson 6/21/16
[Firefox Desktop] Issues found: June 13th to 17th Andrei Vaida 6/21/16
Intent to ship: CSS Mask Image Ku(顧思捷)CJ 6/20/16
Need to use ADT to monitor home 6/20/16
Nightly Only Containers Feature Tanvi Vyas 6/20/16
Return-value-optimization when return type is RefPtr<T> 6/17/16
Triage for Component Leads Emma Humphries 6/16/16
WebRTC Internal IP Address Leakage Tim 6/15/16
Group Photo Adam Roach 6/15/16
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