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Adding CSP to Emma Humphries 4:38 PM
A reminder about MOZ_MUST_USE and [must_use] Nicholas Nethercote 11:04 AM
PSA: Tail files now removed from xpcshell-tests Mark Banner 12:24 AM
Intent to harden binary injection by removing XPCOM and related xul.dll exports Benjamin Smedberg 1/19/17
Intent to Implement and Ship: Large-Allocation Header Michael Layzell 1/19/17
[BMO] All accounts now "Require API key authentication for API requests" Dylan Hardison 1/19/17
Deprecating XUL in new UI Dave Townsend 1/19/17
Intent to disable service workers and push in 52 ESR Ben Kelly 1/19/17
Testing Wanted: APZ Scrollbar dragging Benoit Girard 1/18/17
Intent to remove: Ability to specify the Raanana macOS system font by its Hebrew name in CSS Henri Sivonen 1/18/17
Intent to ship: EventSource for Dedicated Worker and Shared Worker 1/18/17
Intent to implement and ship: URLSearchParams from array or object Andrea Marchesini 1/17/17
Is it possible to implement "click to play" for Adobe Flash in XULRunner app? 段垚 1/17/17
Emoji and Bugzilla Emma Humphries 1/17/17
GPU Process Experiment Results Anthony Hughes 1/16/17
[Firefox Desktop] Issues found: January 9th to January 13th Cornel Ionce 1/16/17
[ANN] Changing the default bug view for BMO Dave Lawrence 1/13/17
Intent to Implement: Module scripts (ES6 modules) 1/13/17
Frame Pointer Omission Unconditionally Disabled on Win32 Eric Rahm 1/12/17
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