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Re: PSA - With e10s enabled, initial browser in new windows will soon be remote by default Mike Conley 8:04 AM
Intent to implement: CSS Houdini - Properties & Values API Level 1 Jonathan Chan 7:11 AM
How to measure performance impact of l10n on UI 7/23/16
Build System Project - Latest Update David Burns 7/22/16
Tier-1 for Fennec api-15 Debug builds in TaskCluster at end of week (July 1st) 7/22/16
Documentation on how to read crash reports Nicholas Nethercote 7/20/16
PSA: Windows Defender can slow down builds and tests Gregory Szorc 7/20/16
Intent to Implement and Ship: AddEventListenerOptions.once Xidorn Quan 7/20/16
MXR permanently offline, please transition to DXR Lawrence Mandel 7/20/16
Reproducible builds David Bruant 7/20/16
Adding new jobs to pushes is not currently working Armen Zambrano Gasparnian 7/19/16
Usability improvements for Firefox automation initiative - Status update #1 Armen Zambrano Gasparnian 7/19/16
Current state of the tree closures Wesley Kocher 7/18/16
Intent to Implement and ship: cookie prefixes Daniel Veditz 7/18/16
Tree Closures due to Bug 1286942 Buildbot DB Issues Carsten Book 7/18/16
Gecko gdb pretty printers now understand nsTHashtable/friends 7/18/16
Rationalising Linux audio backend support 7/18/16
[Firefox Desktop] Issues found: July 11th to 15th Andrei Vaida 7/18/16
Added --disable-e10s to mach run Xidorn Quan 7/18/16
Engineering Productivity Q2 Rollup Jonathan Griffin 7/16/16
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