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De-XBL Plans Dave Townsend 10:47 AM
Intent to ship: Malgun Gothic as default Korean locale font on Windows Makoto Kato 2:18 AM
We need better canaries for JS code David Teller 12:19 AM
Intent to ship: Pointer Events (Desktop) 10/19/17
Browser Architecture Newsletter 4 Richard Newman 10/19/17
Change: Performance bugs handling and triaging Naveed Ihsanullah 10/19/17
Re: Reviews for in-tree documentation Myk Melez 10/19/17
Intent to ship: New default action, horizontal scroll, of wheel with Shift key (except Firefox for macOS) masayuki nakano 10/19/17
Reviews for in-tree documentation (was: Builds docs on MDN) Andreas Tolfsen 10/19/17
Canonical cinnabar repository Kartikaya Gupta 10/18/17
Change in the way e10s and multi are enabled on Nightly Blake Kaplan 10/18/17
Re: Intent to ship: CSP directive worker-src Christoph Kerschbaumer 10/18/17
Intent to Unship: stream decoder for BinHex format Shih-Chiang Chien 10/18/17
Intent to Enable: Automated Static Analysis feedback in MozReview Jan Keromnes 10/17/17
Re: Intent to ship: <a ping> (hyperlink auditing) James Graham 10/17/17
[Firefox Desktop] Issues found: October 9th to October 13th Cornel Ionce 10/16/17
PSA: Missing instances of semicolon in js files landed on inbound Mark Banner 10/15/17
W3C and WebExtensions Andrew McKay 10/13/17
How to get pretty stack trace on Linux? masayuki nakano 10/13/17
Experimenting with a shared review queue for Core::Build Config Chris Cooper 10/13/17
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