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Intent to implement and ship: Web Authentication JC Jones 12/2/16
Faster blame on / mozilla-central repo with CVS history Gregory Szorc 12/2/16
Rust required to build Gecko Ralph Giles 12/2/16
Runnable labeling for Quantum DOM Bill McCloskey 12/2/16
Intent to ship: Presentation API on Fennec Shih-Chiang Chien 12/2/16
Hardening the Firefox Sandbox Paul Theriault 12/1/16
Upcoming rename of the marionette-client package to marionette-harness Henrik Skupin 12/1/16
Intent to implement: Web2Native Bridge Anders Rundgren 12/1/16
Proposed W3C Charter: Web of Things Working Group David Baron 12/1/16
ATMOv2 Domain Change Complete Blake Imsland 12/1/16
W3C Proposed Recommendation: Webmention David Baron 11/30/16
autoland cleanup Gregory Szorc 11/30/16
Removing the Battery Status API? Chris Peterson 11/30/16
Volunteer maintainer wanted: mac x86 Benjamin Smedberg 11/30/16
Terminating xulrunner? Mike Hommey 11/28/16
Mozilla's x86 Linux builds now require SSE2 Henri Sivonen 11/28/16
Intent to implement: CSS {background,mask}-repeat-{x/y} properties Tommy Kuo 11/28/16
[Firefox Desktop] Issues found: November 21st to November 25th Florin Mezei 11/28/16
No need to add "HTTP(..)" for reftests using fonts outside their directory Xidorn Quan 11/27/16
Start logging at runtime (Firefox 52) Valentin Gosu 11/26/16
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