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mozilla-inbound backout policy subject to change (become similar to autoland) Sebastian Hengst 10:54 AM
Intent to move Activity Stream into its own process Mike Conley 10:53 AM
Intent to remove Ambient Light and Proximity sensor APIs Jonathan Kingston 7:16 AM
Intent to ship: application/json mime type support for OpenSearch Suggestions Mark Banner 2:54 AM
Fwd: WPT Developer Survey - June 2018 Andreas Tolfsen 6/20/18
Upcoming C++ standards meeting in Rapperswil, Switzerland Botond Ballo 6/20/18
Intent to ship: on Firefox for Android (Fennec) 6/20/18
Intent to implement: Clear-Site-Data header Andrea Marchesini 6/20/18
Intent to Unship: <a rel="sidebar"> support Mark Banner 6/20/18
Intent to ship: Retained Display Lists (rollout plan) David Bolter 6/19/18
Windows Address Sanitizer enabled on trunk David Major 6/19/18
[IMPORTANT] QA Firefox 63 feature testing pi-requests deadline is June 20 Tom Grabowski 6/18/18
[desktop] Bugs logged by Desktop Release QA in the last 8 days Bogdan Maris 6/18/18
Intent to Unship: -moz-is-resource-document media feature from content pages. Emilio Cobos Álvarez 6/14/18
Reminder: soft code freeze for Firefox 62 starts today, June 14 Liz Henry (:lizzard) 6/14/18
How much do we care about pre-Nehalem performance? Henri Sivonen 6/14/18
Intent to ship: shape-outside Bradley Werth 6/11/18
PSA: Please use XPCOMUtils.defineLazyGlobalGetters rather than Cu.importGlobalProperties Kris Maglione 6/7/18
Proposal: WebIDL generated bindings classes renamed from dom::FooBinding to dom::binding::Foo Jeff Gilbert 6/7/18
Pseudolocalization in Firefox Nightly! Zibi Braniecki (Gandalf) 6/7/18
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