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Intent to ship: RC4 disabled by default in Firefox 44 Richard Barnes 6/28/17
Sheriff Survey Results Carsten Book 6/27/17
Trees closed for OS X Test Job Backlog Carsten Book 6/27/17
Switching to per-channel profiles Dave Townsend 6/27/17
How can I run Firefox programatically in fullscreen? Armen Zambrano Gasparnian 6/27/17
Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #14 Ehsan Akhgari 6/27/17
[Firefox Desktop] Issues found: June 19th to June 23rd Florin Mezei 6/26/17
nightly updates for mac are currently disabled Kim Moir 6/25/17
Profiling nightlies on Mac - what tools are used? Chris Cooper 6/23/17
Proposed W3C Charter: SVG Working Group David Baron 6/22/17
Photon Engineering Newsletter #7 Justin Dolske 6/22/17
switch to macosx cross-compiled builds on taskcluster on trunk Kim Moir 6/22/17
Overhead of returning a string from C++ to JS over WebIDL bindings Henri Sivonen 6/22/17
Rust 1.17.0 or later now required to build Firefox Ralph Giles 6/21/17
Stylo bits coming to a Nightly near you Gregory Szorc 6/21/17
Intent to unship: HTML scoped style sheets (<style scoped>) Cameron McCormack 6/21/17
Using the accesskey attribute with HTML elements in browser chrome Brian Grinstead 6/20/17
Changing .idl files Nicholas Nethercote 6/20/17
Intent to unship: Add-on SDK and others Andrew McKay 6/20/17
Getting a JS stack from an automation assertion Benjamin Smedberg 6/20/17
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