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Ambient Light Sensor API Frederik Braun 11:04 AM
Future of out-of-tree spell checkers? Henri Sivonen 11:03 AM
A reminder about commit messages: they should be useful Boris Zbarsky 10:20 AM
Proposed W3C Charter: Publishing Working Group David Baron 9:30 AM
Proposed W3C Charter: TV Control Working Group David Baron 9:11 AM
FYI, BSL Broken by Bug 1317697 Anthony Hughes 4/24/17
Removing the Battery Status API? Chris Peterson 4/24/17
[Firefox Desktop] Issues found: April 17th d to April 21st Cornel Ionce 4/23/17
Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #6 Ehsan Akhgari 4/21/17
windows build anti-virus exclusion list? Ben Kelly 4/20/17
IPDL now supports async returns with MozPromise Kan-Ru Chen 4/20/17
Intent to implement: CSS property `line-height-step` Tommy Kuo 4/19/17
Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #5 Ehsan Akhgari 4/19/17
window.find dialog feature broken in Firefox 53 (a.k.a., Late Intent to Unship: window.find's dialog support) Mike Conley 4/18/17
LocaleService::GetRequestedLocale(s) / SetRequestedLocales 4/18/17
new configure option: --enable-debug-rust Nathan Froyd 4/18/17
Project Dawn or the end of Aurora Sylvestre Ledru 4/18/17
[Firefox Desktop] Issues found: April 10th to April 14th Cornel Ionce 4/18/17
W3C Candidate Recommendation: requestIdleCallback (deadline today) David Baron 4/18/17
Welcome new HTML Parser peer Henri Sivonen 4/13/17
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