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XULRunner future and ownership Benjamin Smedberg 7:21 AM
MozReview/Autoland in degraded state Gregory Szorc 4:11 AM
To bump mochitest's timeout from 45 seconds to 90 seconds Armen Zambrano G. 1:58 AM
Memory Usage on Perfherder & Memory Reduction Mark Finkle 2/9/16
TCW Soft Close: Tree Closing Maintenance Window, Sat February 13 2016, 06:00-10:00a PST Hal Wine 2/9/16
Gecko/Firefox stats and diagrams wanted Chris Mills 2/9/16
Reftests moving to structured logging Andrew Halberstadt 2/9/16
about:profiles and the new profile manager Andrea Marchesini 2/8/16
Intent to implement and ship: FIDO U2F API Richard Barnes 2/8/16
[Firefox Desktop] Issues found: February 1st to February 5th Andrei Vaida 2/8/16
PSA: Please stop revving UUIDs when changing XPIDL interface Ehsan Akhgari 2/7/16
Submit to MozReview using Git Gregory Szorc 2/5/16
Does SSE2 usage still need to be conditional? Henri Sivonen 2/5/16
Heads Up: Cache API .add()/.addAll() non-backward compatible change Ben Kelly 2/5/16
Outlook for cross-crate Rust linkage in Gecko Henri Sivonen 2/5/16
Hash table iterators, and a call for help Nicholas Nethercote 2/3/16
Flash on Firefox Win64 runs on windowless mode only Makoto Kato 2/3/16
Web API / developer docs / dev. evangelism meeting Thursday at 8 AM PST Eric Shepherd 2/3/16
Touch events enabled on Windows desktop (nightly only) Kartikaya Gupta 2/3/16
How to remove #ifdef XP_MACOSX in xul files? Yonggang Luo 2/3/16
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