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motion-path is becoming offset-path Joe Medley 8:17 AM
UPDATED "Starting a new localization" Janet Swisher 9/26/16
What happens when reverting a change on a MDN page? Dennis Jungbauer 9/26/16
Problem in Assessment: Silly Story Generator Eikansh Gupta 9/26/16
Marking Guide - Assessment:Marking up a letter Andy O'Brien 9/22/16
(no subject) DIIRO ISAAC 9/22/16
Today's MDN meeting notes Eric Shepherd 9/21/16
Fwd: MDN Durable Team Q3 Sprint 4 Results Janet Swisher 9/21/16
MDN Community Meeting, Weds 2016-09-21 Janet Swisher 9/20/16
meeting matias mac 9/19/16
GroupData and CSS Eric Shepherd 9/13/16
MDN locales: Criteria to add or remove a locale Jeremie Patonnier 9/11/16
Removing bug 1186948 from DOM 50 tasks Eric Shepherd 9/9/16
Solution for Silly story generator problem Bharat Vohra 9/8/16
Add browser version to compat table even when the support is behind a pref? Sebastian Zartner 9/8/16
Re: Support for non-persistent background pages Kris Maglione 9/6/16
Webextensions API - does not support "persistent" property for background scripts. Is this going to be fixed at some point? 9/6/16
MDN contributors, we need you. Jeremie Patonnier 9/1/16
What are you working on? Q3 Sprint 4 Janet Swisher 8/31/16
Re: dev-mdc Digest, Vol 128, Issue 17 IEPHTE R M 8/29/16
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