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Cornish (kw) Nicky Rowe 4/27/18
Chinese Hong Kong (zh_hk) 4/25/18
Resurrecting a locale: ilo Joseph Maza 4/24/18
Localisation for Mizo language speaks in Mizoram and other part of North East India 3/29/18
Please add Tatar to Pontoon 2/27/18
Localisation for Acehnese language 2/13/18
Localisation for Chuvash 2/13/18
Add kurdish language 12/30/17
RE: dev-l10n-new-locales Digest, Vol 64, Issue 1 Robby Scheueren 11/23/17
request for Luxembourgish for Firefox Christian 11/17/17
There is a need to localize firefox in uzbek with cyrillic script! 10/30/17
Request to check in my 9+ years of work on crh locale into VCS (& unblock the listing on AMO) (Was: Mozilla Add-ons: QIRIMTATARCA Til Destesi (Crimean Tatar Lang Pack) 56.0 didn't pass review) "Reşat SABIQ" 10/28/17
Starting localization to interlingua (ia) language Carmelo Serraino 9/1/17
Re: Mozilla Add-ons: QIRIMTATARCA Til Destesi (Crimean Tatar Lang Pack) 54.0 didn't pass review "Reşat SABIQ" 7/30/17
Getting crh locale into VCS "Reşat SABIQ" 4/29/17
Request for Gascony language Jacme40 3/20/17
Revive Belarusian community Hanna Kanabiajeuskaja 1/25/17
Request: Localization to Sinhala Hashini Gunatilake 9/18/16
interlingua (ia-xx) interlusitana 7/5/16
Starting Localization For Pashto Locale Umer Tanvir 6/25/16
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