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Re: [jetpack] [Gallery Bugs] Re: all new bugs found on Jeff Balogh 11/21/09
Problems with the tumblr.js API installation 11/23/15
How to create a persistent panel, or like the firebug split the page? 李春林 11/13/15
how to localize context-menu label dynamically generated in content-script 11/11/15
deploy problem: jpm run, jpm xpi are ok, extension installs but does not work 11/11/15
jpm fails on "run" after "init" Kara 11/11/15
Need help debugging my addon that works and then doesn't... Ruben Goethals 11/5/15
Bug report: SDK panel + delete key triggers back button behavior Paul Morris 11/4/15
jpm update.rdf difference Ben McCann 11/4/15
jpm test isn't loading my external libraries z iz 10/23/15
How to test about:config property value changes harshad wadkar 10/19/15
Updating UUID in package.json arky 10/15/15
Is jpm supported in Thunderbird? František Žiačik 10/15/15
jpm-mobile not working for me Daniel Dawson 10/2/15
window api bugfix Ben McCann 9/22/15
refresh panel of addon ? WALID BADININI 9/20/15
Unit testing page-mod script Eric Kelm 9/11/15
jpm execute probleme WALID BADININI 9/9/15
SOLVED - Calling bookmark dialog not working anymore since update Ruben Goethals 9/5/15
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