MOOCs and Librarianship

This group provides a central location for librarians and library workers to discuss the various ways in which massively open online courses (MOOCs) intersect with our working world. 

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New ACRL discussion group on MOOCS - decomissioning this Google Group Rita Vine 9/20/13
MOOCs and Librarians: Join the new #MOOCLib Mendeley Group Eleni Zazani 8/26/13
Open Resources Librarian ? Gerry 8/22/13
posted IFLA conference article 8/7/13
Lauren Fowler and Kevin Smith on copyright issues in MOOCs @ Duke Rita Vine 7/26/13
From the May 20 New Yorker 5/20/13
New open-access journal: MOOCs Forum Richard James 5/14/13
video fatigue 5/13/13
Our instructors Coursera videos copied onto Youtube without permission Rita Vine 5/7/13
MOOCs for Library Information Literacy / Seminars / Workshops ? Gerry 4/29/13
New Republic Online Article: the University v. the Internet Delibrarian 4/23/13
MOOCs in support of remedial ed Delibrarian 4/22/13
More on "Poor kids getting taught by computers..." Delibrarian 4/18/13
The Wild West of MOOCs > Information Today > NewsBreaks > Gerry 4/15/13
Outputs from MOOCs and Libraries event at UPenn now available Merrilee Proffitt 4/11/13
An interesting side-note Delibrarian 4/9/13
Survey > Topic and Format Preferences for Postings to the _Alt-Ed_ MOOC Blog Gerry 4/2/13
72% of professors...don't think their students deserve credit Rita Vine 3/30/13
Georgetwon University Library > ITEL Library Impact Form - Level III: MOOC Gerry 3/29/13
Detailed > OCLC Research Presents MOOCs and Libraries: Massive Opportunity or Overwhelming Challenge Gerry 3/28/13
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