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MongoDB Perl Driver v1.4.5 released to CPAN David Golden 8/22/16
MongoDB 3.2.9 is released Ramon Fernandez 8/16/16
MongoDB 3.3.11 is released Ramon Fernandez 8/16/16
MongoDB Ruby driver v2.3.0 is released Emily Stolfo 8/16/16
Announcing node.js driver 2.2.6 Christian Kvalheim 8/16/16
PyMODM 0.1 Released! Luke Lovett 8/15/16
mongo-hadoop 2.0 released! Luke Lovett 8/15/16
MongoDB 3.2.9-rc1 is released Ramon Fernandez 8/12/16
Mongoid 5.1.4 is released Emily Stolfo 8/12/16
Announcing libbson and libmongoc 1.4.0 A. Jesse Jiryu Davis 8/10/16
Mongoid 6.0.0.rc0 is released Emily Stolfo 8/9/16
MongoDB PHP Driver 1.2.0alpha1 released Jeremy Mikola 8/4/16
.NET Driver version 2.3.0-beta1 released with support for .NET Core Robert Stam 8/3/16
mongo-hadoop 2.0.0-rc0 released! Luke Lovett 8/1/16
Announcing libbson and libmongoc 1.3.5 A. Jesse Jiryu Davis 7/27/16
MongoDB Perl Driver v1.4.4 released to CPAN David Golden 7/27/16
MongoDB Ruby driver v2.2.7 is released Emily Stolfo 7/25/16
MongoDB Perl Driver v1.4.3 released to CPAN David Golden 7/19/16
MongoDB 3.3.10 is released Ramon Fernandez 7/19/16
MongoDB Java Driver 2.14.3 has been released Jeff Yemin 7/18/16
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