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Migrations miamiphp 6/29/09
Using mofo for automated testing George Brocklehurst 6/1/09 and hCalendar 10/12/08
uid in hCard Singpolyma 6/28/08
Title and hAtom? fitter man 6/3/08
bug in hEntry bookmarks dimitri 5/22/08
Call for Speaker(s) on Microformats (+mofo) for Open Web 2008 Vancouver Conf @ Apr/14+15 Gerald Bauer 3/17/08
Poor support for nested hCards? Christopher Finke 2/11/08
case insensitivity for attributes? atduskgreg 1/23/08
hCard XMPP information not fetched correctly Alcides Fonseca 1/20/08
Timeout in microformats.rb Alcides Fonseca 1/19/08
Mofo - Getting Started w/ Microformats using Ruby - Web 3.0 In Action Gerald Bauer 1/18/08
Bug in xfn_test.rb? Steve Ivy 11/16/07
Building mofo? Steve Ivy 10/26/07
How to retrieve both hCard and XFN info? Simon Rozet 9/29/07
XFN bug on rel attribute? patrick aljord 8/19/07
Namespaces, please. 8/3/07
Could not resolve dependencies 7/17/07
hEntry error jesse newland 5/8/07
hResume Grant Rodgers 3/21/07
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