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--use-spdy%3Doff & --disable-http2 Stacy Howard 8/4/17
SPDY is not detected after installing the module Zhenyu Zhou 6/12/15
mod_spdy installed on apache. Stopped working with Chrome ver 40 but continues to work with Firefox. Sujan Narvekar 3/11/15
Sharing some experiences with mod_spdy on Windows bk chung 2/26/15
Getting apache default page when spdy is on Julio Cesar 2/4/15
help to push with mod_headers Tal Schwartz 1/10/15
install spdy on Opensuse 13.1 Hasan Karamemis 12/24/14
mod-spdy-assistance Alan Manager 12/12/14
mod_spdy on OS X Yosemite? Dan Fabulich 12/2/14
Compiling mod_spdy on armv5te Adrian 11/1/14
mod_spdy for apache 2.4 ? Norbert Sehm 8/21/14
mod_spdy installed but not working SPeedX 8/20/14
A kind of off-topic but very needed question Funny-Cat WebShop 8/16/14
ap_get_brigade keeps failing Ruben Bolink 8/11/14
install fail on httpd 2.4.2 Jae 6/12/14
SPDY 3.1 support? Marcelo Fernandez 6/11/14
New mod_spdy binary bugfix release (v0.9.4.3) - SECURITY FIX Matthew Steele 6/5/14
mod_spdy prevents SSLVerifyClient from working Dan Q 5/4/14
mod_spdy as proxy Rob Napier 4/14/14
CentOS 6 - ECDHE ciphers Sandro Steger 4/9/14
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