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This group is for discussion of mobile database software from Couchbase, primarily Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway. There is also an IRC room on called #couchbasemobile

Couchbase Lite for iOS and Android is a lightweight embedded database that provides a simple way to sync your application data across devices and provide cloud backup of user data. Unlike other cloud solutions, the data is hosted on the device, so even when the network is down or slow (airplane, subway, backyard) the application is responsive to users. 

Existing TouchDB users are encouraged to upgrade to Couchbase Lite. You can think of CBL as the next version of TouchDB. 

Moderation is enabled, so your first post will need to be approved by a moderator; this may take a few hours. Please be patient and don't re-post it! Your subsequent posts will be posted automatically.

Please report bugs via the Github issue trackers:

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