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Discontinuation of the MIT App Inventor Jars Distribution Andrew McKinney 10/31/12
Upgrading the SDK and upgrading App Inventor. And special alert to people using the dev_server Hal 3/4/12
New Release of App Inventor v76 Andrew McKinney 2/14/12
Guidelines for this forum and the new open-source release: PLEASE READ Hal 1/21/12 halitoktay erat 10/29/12
No Tablet Support eric 10/10/12
iPhone App To Help You Regain 20/20 Vision Naturally Twenty Twenty Vision 9/19/12
iPhone App To Help You Learn Spanish Faster By Using Flashcards With Pictures Spanish Flashcards with Pictures 9/15/12
Want to Setup BuildSever on Window 7, 32bit Ponlork Sok 9/13/12
Re: [mit-appinventor-jars:1352] Abridged summary of - 1 Message in 1 Topic Cory Giltner 9/12/12
Cannot download App Inventor Service Zip file chi kin lau 8/21/12
Re: [mit-appinventor-jars:1346] Digest for - 3 Messages in 1 Topic Ronald Marinho 8/1/12
Heads up: Upcoming INCOMPATIBLE change with multiple screen apps and activity starter Hal 8/1/12
iChineseFlashcards helps you learn Chinese (Mandarin) faster by using flashcards with pictures iChineseFlashcards iPhone App 7/30/12
New Release of App Inventor v61 Jan 20 Andrew McKinney 6/5/12 file hanamichi kurotsuchi 6/4/12
app with mutiple pages Salim Elewa 6/1/12
Gps-GIS andrea nugraha 5/23/12
Solutions Manuals, Instructor Manuals, Test Banks collection 2012 student p002 5/10/12
HTTP POST via Web.PostText works on the emulator but not on a Samsung Galaxy phone Christian 5/9/12
Question about TinyWebDB. ty osborn 5/3/12
Build failed! Unexpected problems generating YAIL. ty osborn 5/3/12
Issues RAJU 4/17/12
i cant package my file charles low 4/17/12
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