Midsouth Makers - Memphis Hacker/Maker Space

Midsouth Makers’ Mission

Midsouth Makers aims to sustain the first ever hackerspace within the greater Memphis area.  The goal of this hackerspace is bring in builders, tinkers, artists, makers, and doers together under one roof to form a makerspace.  By bringing together these people a common place can be established to meet and discuss ideas, explore various technical endeavors, and communicate these thoughts with individuals from various backgrounds.  Ultimately we seek to further our knowledge as individuals and as a group by learning what we can from each other.

Our Makerspace Goals

Everyone has their own goals for the group but these seem to be the recurring ones.

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3d printer web interface Ben Eishen 8/29/15
Crowed Funding CNC of Awesomeness!! Ben Eishen 8/28/15
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LAN Party this weekend! Ernest McCracken 8/12/15
E-Cycle Day at UofM DK 8/10/15
Whiskey + Donuts discount code Orias/Claudio 8/7/15
Two Openings at Agsmarts Ben Eishen 8/3/15
[FYI] Multirotor meetup tomorrow in Collierville Orias/Claudio 7/21/15
H for sale John Wood 7/17/15
Midsouth Makers board meeting Ernest McCracken 7/17/15
Starter Stain Glass Studio for Sale Don Wolfe 7/13/15
Sources for Aluminum stock kylejstone 7/10/15
Who here can CNC aluminum in a 1/4" x 12 x 12 work envelope? Kris Steward 7/9/15
1.2Ghz and 1.3Ghz frequencies legal? Justin Rickert 7/8/15
Fwd: RasPi B+ only $25! Danny Chamberlin 7/7/15
Upcoming July 3rd Open House Ernest McCracken 7/1/15
Free cardboard VR v1 Orias/Claudio 6/25/15
LensRentals.com is hiring Kris Steward 6/24/15
It parts looking for a good home! Ernest McCracken 6/18/15
[ebay] Good deal on a soldering station (base only) Orias/Claudio 6/17/15
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