This is the mailing list for the mgo Go driver for MongoDB. Have a look at for more details.

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Customize mgo upsert operation İnanç Gümüş 8/16/17
problem with updating document's field that was used to query documents Luke 8/15/17
How to handle disconnections to mongodb server? (aka. autoconnect) Fatih Arslan 8/3/17
"Closed explicitly" error Evan Shaw 8/3/17
Loss and recovery connections to database Vladimir 8/3/17
Pool errors - connection reset by peer İnanç Gümüş 8/3/17
Mongo collation Vincent Jouglard 7/19/17
As it seems Mgo project on Github is not updated for a year İnanç Gümüş 7/18/17
No reachable servers. uday bhaskar 7/6/17
All Pull Requests are failing - solution here Diego Medina 7/2/17
Best way to get a Pull Request merged? Diego Medina 7/2/17
mgo Docker panic Jean-Marcel Belmont 6/29/17
How to query $in zeroc8 6/23/17
Go test / TDD with mgo Tobia 6/18/17
Any hints for the error: queryOptions is not a valid argument to updateUser? tli 6/5/17
Why any pull request not merge on github? Sulthon Zainul Habib 5/30/17
Error: ObjectIDs must be exactly 12 bytes long (got 0) Ruslan Mezentsev 5/27/17
mgo's session mode change per query Puran S 5/18/17
Do I have to keep txn collection? AllenDang 5/9/17
Using conditionals in mgo Pipe method? Martin Buhr 5/8/17
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