This is the mailing list for the mgo Go driver for MongoDB. Have a look at for more details.

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bson.M and bson.D 12:00 PM
How to write catalog with many categories(taxonomy >>100)? Valeriy Solovyov 2/26/15
why the character "$" become "1" when a transaction is done by using the mgo.txn Mervin 2/25/15
Upsert a document with shard key João Paulo Farias 2/25/15
Protect regular expression nz 2/24/15
send object as value in map and reduce in mgo? Adusumilli SeshaChandra 2/24/15
session.Run(bson.D{{ ..}} not preserving order Diego Medina 2/23/15
Re: mgo makes meteor blow up Gustavo Niemeyer 2/20/15
Sort textScore Danny Park 2/18/15
bulk upserts - not possible now? Arek Czechowski 2/15/15
How can i $set a array not $push ? 周李洋 2/10/15
Using composite _id in mongo _id:{sid:1,text:"SID"} . bson.M of this is not matching some time Sid 2/10/15
How to show query log ? Thanh Trần Văn 2/9/15
Mgo populate nested structs by ID (Mongodb) Craig Sennabaum 2/9/15
What is a seed server? Darko Luketic 2/4/15
Howto; String to ObjectID sc28 2/3/15
Linking doc to source code Victor Song 2/2/15
Sending bson.M in-order Joe Bruner 2/2/15
allowDiskUse in Collection.Pipe()? Jesse Anderton 2/2/15
mgo r2015.01.24 is out Gustavo Niemeyer 1/27/15
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