This is the mailing list for the mgo Go driver for MongoDB. Have a look at for more details.

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Go driver for MongoDB r2015.10.05 Gustavo Niemeyer 10/5/15
Anonymous struct inheritance gives nested MongoDB document Sebastian Dahlgren 9/26/15
bulk upserts - not possible now? Arek Czechowski 9/25/15
mgo $unwind aggregation result to Unknown element kind (0x2E) jeane paul Soliva 9/22/15
Re: How to show the results of a query properly Gustavo Niemeyer 9/20/15
Golang/mgo read bson into map[string]int 9/18/15
Troubleshooting connection issues Travis Beauvais 9/11/15
Connectiong to mongoDB with a keep-alive TCP connection? Hunor Kovács 9/9/15
Mgo driver does not work with version 1.5 go Ramon Helena 9/8/15
Aggregation on large collection throws a "not a master" error most of the time Raul 9/3/15
Which is the best way to handle arrays of ObjectIDs? imgood 9/3/15
Inserting date field error Carlos Alarcon 8/31/15
decoding multiple BSON documents cce 8/30/15
ID rather than Id Hǎiliàng Wáng 8/26/15
Bulk updates Ravi Teja Gudapati 8/24/15
How to dereference dbref field in find query? Jiang Yu 8/21/15
Need a proper way of expressing Pipeline for the following aggregation query Raul 8/18/15
finding non utf8(japanese) to avoid duplicate records jeane paul Soliva 8/18/15
Aggregation with explain() Veera Kumar 8/18/15
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