This is the mailing list for the mgo Go driver for MongoDB. Have a look at for more details.

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Loss and recovery connections to database Vladimir 3/17/17
i want to make a function from a text witch contains the function define and body information,anybody can help me? denny sun 2/5/17
how to save function into mongodb by mgo denny sun 2/4/17
Mongo 3.4.x Davis Ford 1/19/17
mgo r2015.12.06 is out Gustavo Niemeyer 1/19/17
Can a capped collection be used with txn? Davis Ford 1/18/17
Nested Structs and Find All without Condition Rodolfo Azevedo 1/15/17
mgo.Safe usage code review Luke Mauldin 1/10/17
Best way to get a Pull Request merged? Diego Medina 1/9/17
Why does mgo saves field names lowercased , is it possible to change that behavior ? 1/9/17
Reading document generically with field ordering maintained Jason P 1/9/17
Install hangs leam hall 1/9/17
Selection of secondary with mode SecondaryPreferred Rene Kroon 1/9/17
How to log ONLY query in mgo ? Ram Bharose Rana 1/9/17
Unmarshalling complex object Asaf Shakarzy 12/23/16
Find by _id with pymongo howto do that ? bussiere adrien 12/20/16
How to retrieve _id field in a $group statement, when using multiple fields Sérgio SP 12/19/16
Go test / TDD with mgo Tobia 12/10/16
question re: Ping and replica set failover Davis Ford 12/9/16
Question on EOF errors and replica set Davis Ford 12/8/16
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