This is the mailing list for the mgo Go driver for MongoDB. Have a look at for more details.

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Fail Update on concurrent high performance updates Jonatan Reiners 6/29/15
Re: Trying to understand breakage of find() for composite id $in query Gustavo Niemeyer 6/25/15
500 goroutines make ~400 mongodb connections jeane paul Soliva 6/24/15
txn Update => replace document Davis Ford 6/24/15
Goroutines slowly creeping up sc28 6/17/15
Failed to query object with FindId if _id is int64 6/17/15
How can i profile mongo queries in mgo. Sid 6/17/15
mgo r2015.05.29 released Gustavo Niemeyer 6/9/15
mongo output in golang map 6/4/15
Go test / TDD with mgo Tobia 6/4/15
Debugging Strategies sc28 6/4/15
go get (not responding) Pablo Rozas-Larraondo 5/25/15
Using mgo with HTTP requests Jon Keating 5/20/15
Can a capped collection be used with txn? Davis Ford 5/20/15
File descriptors not released after session.Close Vincent Nëel 5/3/15
Solution to a problem with bson.ObjectIdHex mm 4/23/15
aggregate explain executionStats/indexBounds question 4/18/15
mapping number (with decimal point ) to go float32 (or float64) Victor Pereira 4/16/15
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