This is the mailing list for the mgo Go driver for MongoDB. Have a look at for more details.

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Question on replica set and driver behavior Davis Ford 9:33 AM
question re: Ping and replica set failover Davis Ford 9:25 AM
Reading document generically with field ordering maintained Jason P 12/2/16
Using wrapper for bson.ObjectId Sindre Moe 11/30/16
Why does mgo saves field names lowercased , is it possible to change that behavior ? 11/22/16
Using mgo tx is it possible to convert the pending collection to a capped collection? Davis Ford 11/7/16 updated: snap, Let's Encrypt, etc Gustavo Niemeyer 11/2/16
MongoDB development Company angular developer 10/21/16
Some more questions about mgo/txn 10/13/16
Confused about txn Run/Resume Interface 10/13/16
Querying document property using struct as find parameter Sascha Andres 10/2/16
From mongo String to time.Time struct field Diego Medina 9/21/16
No reachable servers. uday bhaskar 9/20/16
How to retrieve _id field in a $group statement, when using multiple fields Sérgio SP 9/19/16
Does socket lock? Oleh Lamzin 9/16/16
Trigger changes Ulf Hallgarn 9/12/16
Is timeout correct? Jianjun Mao 9/1/16
Need to include $each and $position with $push in MongoDB and golang(mgo) Rajesh Kumar 8/30/16
SetSafe Default Value in mgo session tuk 8/4/16
Can't get mgo to open more than one connection Pierre Beaucamp 8/4/16
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