This is the mailing list for the mgo Go driver for MongoDB. Have a look at for more details.

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(q *Query) Limit: why set q.op.limit = -1 施舜元 12:35 AM
How to create compund index with mgo melvin davis 4/29/16
Query from an Array of strings Nick Beenham 4/26/16
chain mapreduce after pipe? Jiang Yu 4/21/16
Snappy Ubuntu Core 2.0 Gustavo Niemeyer 4/16/16
Gustavo Niemeyer 4/16/16
Having trouble with arithmetic operators, looking for some help Walt Norblad 4/15/16
find by objectId Poletaev Roman 4/12/16
how to get objects from document Poletaev Roman 4/7/16
mgo r2015.12.06 is out Gustavo Niemeyer 4/6/16
Search when id is UUID Binary Diego Medina 4/6/16
omitempty and bson.ObjectID length error Poletaev Roman 4/1/16
mgo bson can't serialize into struct lac 3/21/16
How can I get nested field value with mgo? 3/18/16
time.Time being stored as string instead of date (via interface{}) Kris Runzer 3/15/16
Getting multiple documents on multiple _id Tristan Piron 3/8/16
Test matrix Gustavo Niemeyer 3/7/16
mgo search based on datetime vineet daniel 3/4/16
Whats wrong with this code ? vineet daniel 3/1/16
How to specifiy multiple criteria for string array elements? Anindya Chatterjee 2/28/16
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