This is the mailing list for the mgo Go driver for MongoDB. Have a look at for more details.

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Need help about convert SQL With mgo 平民四月份 4/22/14
Proposal : ObjectIdTime(t time.Time) Ahmed Waheed 4/19/14
Re: [go-nuts] Feedback on a MongoDB package/spec Gustavo Niemeyer 4/14/14
Different treatment of ObjectID by mgo driver on Windows and Linux 4/12/14
Re: bson.NewObjectId() returning empty ObjectId Gustavo Niemeyer 4/11/14
Regular Expression doesn't work. Shane Hou 4/11/14
Continue on error in batch Chandra Sekar S 4/10/14
session.copy() and write settings Zardosht Kasheff 4/9/14
Tip for geoqueries and go 1.3 tip Karl J. Smith 4/9/14
MongoDB 2.6 Support Brian Scott 4/8/14
mgo.txn status, advise Carlos Y. Okada 4/4/14
Please consider suport for keep field name case? Nguyên Nguyễn Văn Cao 4/3/14
It seems like so many IO wait by mgo wensheng tle 4/1/14
GetBSON, SetBSON not called Darko Luketic 3/30/14
bson.ObjectId XML Marshal/Unmarshal (code included) Klaus Post 3/28/14
Nested query Alex 3/20/14
bson.NewObjectId(), "random" value Klaus Post 3/20/14
mgo.DBRef and slice of mgo.DBRefs Darko Luketic 3/18/14
Clarification On Clone vs Copy William Kennedy 3/18/14
Some strange behevier in Full Text Search command Kamoliddin Mavlonov 3/14/14
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