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Scanning known motifs Position Specific Scoring Matrix in a single promoter region 11/20/17
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How to refine motifs? Alan Tourancheau 11/8/17
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meme_4.11.4: make test failing on meme-chip Jorge Boucas 11/1/17
MEME-ChIP de novo motif analysis 10/24/17
Question about mapping motif binding sites to genome location FIMO out put 10/19/17
GOMO specificity and ranking parameter Devinder Kaur 9/15/17
Questions on MEME 4.11.2 -maxsites Jaime Alvarez Benayas 9/15/17
create-priors usage VA 8/16/17
MEME-ChIP results interpretation 8/15/17
background model and discriminative search Devinder Kaur 8/10/17
AME segmentation fault Tyler Park 8/10/17
MEME failure HeeJu Yoo 8/7/17
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