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The latest version of the MEME Suite can be used online at

You might get a more immediate response by sending an email to the support address as more people from the team check that address and some of them even work on weekends...

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Peculiar case: MEME or MEME-ChIP? R. Biot 3/21/16
Using FIMO for short protein sequences HaimA 3/18/16
Trouble with MEME & make test R. Biot 3/16/16
all "meme" make tests fail 3/15/16
execute meme from terminal Kiko Verdeguer 3/14/16
FIMO parser error Jonathan Rubin 3/10/16
Make test fails in DREME and MEME Lucas Kuijpers 3/9/16
q-values in FIMO Alejandro Montenegro-Montero 3/9/16
Custom alpha best support in meme-4.11.0 -- Implications/Regression Saket Choudhary 3/5/16
How does MAST differ from FIMO? CharlesEGrant 2/12/16
converting BED files to FASTA Christy Hagan 2/12/16
glam2mask FATAL: glam2mask: no motif found in motif_for_mask Massa Kassa 2/4/16
negative score in glam2scan Elahe Rabiei 2/1/16
Fasta-center error code Kristina Sakers 1/13/16
Problem installing MEME suite on OS 10.9.5 1/12/16
Combine 2 Motifs? 1/7/16
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meme TEST FAILED Rocky Parida 1/4/16
meme_4.11.0 Failed to write HTML output due to errors processing the XML: evalue_threshold has invalid value - not a number Maxim Zagoskin 12/25/15
Make problem Liam Atkinson 12/24/15
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