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The latest version of the MEME Suite can be used online at

You might get a more immediate response by sending an email to the support address as more people from the team check that address and some of them even work on weekends...

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FAIL: meme1 (CRASH!) and FAIL: tomtom_allr (CRASH!) Sunday's 3/27/17
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Questions about options for Glam and input motifs for glam2scan Joseph Harrison 2/28/17
Unable to install MEME Suite Version 4.11.2 Sanchari Sircar 2/28/17
Analyse sequences >60000 paolo lorenzini 2/22/17
meme mast overlapping motif search Varsha Sundaresan 2/21/17
MCAST Agustina Pascual 2/21/17
Installation Error (CRASH) Santhilal Subhash 2/20/17
Start and end co-ordinates of MEME motif Rajeev R 2/13/17
ceqlogo error "No motifs were specified" Arun Prasanna 2/11/17
motif function bijoy2 dahal 2/9/17
Spamo produces empty output files Tzuni 2/1/17
FIMO vs MAST Jorge Gil Angeles 1/31/17
FIMO Agustina Pascual 1/30/17
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