Welcome to the Mechanical Sympathy group.  This group is for discussing how to code sympathetically to and measure the underlying stack/platform so good performance can be extracted.

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Spin Loop Hint support in Java (draft JEP) Gil Tene 10/5/15
Research into speeding up encoding UTF8. I've already bumped up french by 70%. Kevin Burton 10/4/15
80s and 90s Francesco Nigro 10/2/15
Hash, CRC and checksum benchmark Ben Alex 10/1/15
Replicating shared memory Prashanth Reddy 9/30/15
Using ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException as a hack to see if your buffer needs expanding. Kevin Burton 9/29/15
Sharing buffers across cores without cache misses. Kevin Burton 9/29/15
immutable byte[] char[] ... and arrays. Kevin Burton 9/26/15
Invoke interface optimisation Francesco Nigro 9/26/15
ScyllaDB - C++14 based Cassandra drop-in replacement Vitaly Davidovich 9/26/15
Azul for HFT Janny 9/21/15
Invalid -> Shared -> Exclusive(Modified) transition Roman Leventov 9/19/15
Fastest way to implement zero copy Strings... Kevin Burton 9/19/15
amazing cpu talk for a week end ymo 9/18/15
Usecases for STM souptikji sen 9/14/15
Stormpot object pool Chris Vest 9/10/15
SmoothieMap - a new real-timish map Roman Leventov 9/10/15
Clean way to terminate an algorithm after a certain time has exceeded.. Kevin Burton 9/4/15
Plotting latency/jitter data Michael Mattoss 9/4/15
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