Welcome to the Mechanical Sympathy group.  This group is for discussing how to code sympathetically to and measure the underlying stack/platform so good performance can be extracted.

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Using a code generator for algorithms accessing char[] byte[] or CharBuffer and ByteBuffer.... Kevin Burton 2:54 PM
Topics in High Performance Messaging Francis Stephens 7:15 AM
[Simple Binary Encoding] How to generate xml schemas for other version of FIX. Bryan H 11/21/15
Gene Amdahl, Pioneer of Mainframe Computing, Dies at 92 Kevin Burton 11/21/15
Microsoft Project Midori (managed OS) blog posts Vitaly Davidovich 11/20/15
Intel Storage Performance Dev Kit Vitaly Davidovich 11/17/15
Docker experience? Shahbaz Chaudhary 11/13/15
SBE / DirectBuffer stupid question Andre Mermegas 11/11/15
Java GARBAGE_COLLECTION_NOTIFICATION Received for NOT A REAL GC with every information being ZERO Dev Mj 11/10/15
micro-services design for HFT application Vero K. 11/9/15
Linux Page Cache Greg Young 11/6/15
80s and 90s Francesco Nigro 11/5/15
(PDF) Locality Exists in Graph Processing: Workload Characterization on an Ivy Bridge Server Vitaly Davidovich 11/3/15
Impact of number of classes on JVM performance Sampath Herga 11/1/15
Linux futex_wait() bug... [Yes. You read that right. UPDATE to LATEST PATCHES NOW]. Gil Tene 10/30/15
Simple gossip/discovery protocol frameworks. Kevin Burton 10/30/15
Blade: A data center garbage collector Daniel Compton 10/29/15
interfacing with perf counters on linux ymo 10/28/15
linux scheduling vs os x? Erik Svensson 10/27/15
Non-Volatile Memory - What does it mean for application design? Martin Thompson 10/27/15
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