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Fwd: Avocets at Swan creek Matt Hafner 5:01 AM
Aug 20-21 Overnight Lewes, DE Pelagic Paul A Guris 7/27/16
Sandhill Crane and Little Blues - addresses of both sites for mapping James Speicher 7/27/16
Mississippi Kite over Baltimore Kevin Graff 7/27/16
Swan Creek Shorebirds including Long-billed Dowitchers Matt Hafner 7/27/16
Swan creek huey1226 7/27/16
Screech Owl Party Frank Boyle 7/26/16
Sandhill Crane and Little Blues Patricia Wood 7/26/16
Iceland or Glaucous Gull on Patuxent? LDF Hollister 7/26/16
Voice of the Naturalist, greater DC area, 7/26/2016 Gerry Hawkins 7/26/16
Great Horned Owl Rit Thompson 7/25/16
Deal Island--Green Dumpster Rd, Jul 25, 2016 Joe Hanfman 7/25/16
Tawes Garden - oasis of green complete with a few good birds Karen Caruso 7/24/16
JBWS/ Western Branch - nice sampling of the usual suspects.... Karen Caruso 7/23/16
Hummingbirds @ North Tract Marcy Stutzman 7/23/16
Western MD 7/23/2016 - Tennessee Warbler Tim Carney 7/23/16
Snowy Egret at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, DC Wayne Baumgartner 7/23/16
Riva Area Park - Towhee, Kingbirds Karen Caruso 7/22/16
Hart-Miller Island, 07/20/16 Kevin Graff 7/22/16
Swan Creek 7/21/2016 Tim Carney 7/22/16
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