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Purple Gallinule in pond at Fort Smallwood Park 8:28 AM
Rock Creek Park, Thursday 4/26/18 Wallace Kornack 7:07 AM
*Tim Storms wannabees among the WTSP James Speicher 4/25/18
[Somewhat off topic] please recommend a hat with neck protection Howard Wu 4/25/18
Hart-Miller Island, 04/23/18 Kevin Graff 4/25/18
Wood thrushes singing in Sligo Creek Park Susan Hunt 4/25/18
Great-crested Flycatcher James Wilson 4/25/18
Fort Smallwood Park Monday, April 23, 2018 55 Raptors 4/24/18
Re: [MDBirding] Abridged summary of - 18 updates in 13 topics Martha Morris 4/24/18
Poplar Island 04/23/2018 Tim Carney 4/24/18
Fwd: DC Area, 4/24/2018 Lydia Schindler 4/24/18
Rock Creek Park, Monday 4/24/18 Wallace Kornack 4/24/18
FOS - Eastern Kingbird Baltimore Co and out of area, but not too far, Wilson's Phalarope and Ruff John Canoles 4/24/18
Migration Warblerick 4/24/18
SPRING Delmarva Birding Weekend: April 26-29, 2018 Jim Rapp 4/24/18
Patuxent Peter Reisfeld 4/23/18
Tern and Gull ID help if possible. Ted on Little Round Bay 4/23/18
Watson's Pond (King Farm Stream Valley) starting to heat up Doug Carlson 4/23/18
Snowy Egret at Mt. Calvert Fred Shaffer 4/23/18
MPT Shows about the Chesapeake huey1226 4/23/18
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