Welcome to Maui Makers Google Group.  We are a Maker Space on Maui HI.  Our web site is  which hosts our blog.  We also have a Facebook Group ( and a google calendar (see blog).  Our location is  362 Pakana St , Wailuku, HI 96793. . Our old location officially closed  September 15th, 2016 (website updated with map link, sorta)
Chime in here to say hello and introduce yourself!

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Pardon our Dust Makerspace is moving Peter Menningen 8/14/16
Shop tools Build out period for the new space Peter Menningen 8/12/16
Open nights/days Jason Beattie 7/31/16
Lowe's Tangos With Google To Help You Remodel Your Home In Augmented Reality Jerry Isdale 7/18/16
Fwd: Todd Nacapuy - CIO State pf Hawaii Visit - Thursday 8/4 Jerry Isdale 7/8/16
Visit to Artisans Asylum on Sat. Video's Brian Thomas 6/17/16
First Look preview Artists conception of the new proposed space Peter Menningen 6/13/16
Coming Soon to a Makerspace near you Peter Menningen 6/8/16
Lathe task looking for a Volunteer + More Shop Peter Menningen 6/7/16
Makers Open House 2June 6-9pm BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Jerry Isdale 6/1/16
Instructables Makerspace Contest Jerry Isdale 6/1/16
Maui Techies Meetup (North Shore)! Wed June 1 Jerry Isdale 5/22/16
Call to Volunteers Need help at outreach events or Manning the space Peter Menningen 5/13/16
Raspberry Pi Project Help for space Peter Menningen 5/12/16
Open House/Public Meeting Thurs 5 May Jerry Isdale 5/3/16
New tool in shop Peter Menningen 4/10/16
Purchase of Drill press for Parts Peter Menningen 4/3/16
Material for shop Peter Menningen 3/25/16
I need a motor for a tool (jewelers lathe) Peter Menningen 3/22/16
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