Welcome to Maui Makers Google Group.  We are a Maker Space on Maui HI.  Our web site is  which hosts our blog.  We also have a Facebook Group ( and a google calendar (see blog).  Our new location as of 1Feb15 is 200 Waiehu Beach Rd, Wailuku, HI 96793 (website updated with map link, sorta)
Chime in here to say hello and introduce yourself!

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Maui Makers at the Maui County Fair Laura Ulibarri 9/12/15
We have a high quality laser printer Laura Ulibarri 9/12/15
Request for materials Used Foam Core Poster board Peter Menningen 9/10/15
Menehune Maker Fundraiser sponsored by Boeing at the Maui County Fair Peter Menningen 9/9/15
Win a laser cutter? Laura Ulibarri 8/31/15
Quick Survey Maui County Fair Peter Menningen 8/31/15
CNC SIG Peter Menningen 8/25/15
Intel/Instructables IoT Competition: Env/Ag Kit Jerry Isdale 8/22/15
Our next soldering stations Survey please respond Peter Menningen 8/20/15
Do we have an Ann Weinheimer in our ranks? Peter Menningen 8/13/15
Sat 15 Aug Maui Science Center Fundraiser Jerry Isdale 8/13/15
Fwd: Your Arduino Basic Kit is here, and more Jerry Isdale 8/10/15
Advice from an actual user of specific checkbook software ( Zero, Cheqbook, and Quickbooks) Peter Menningen 8/6/15
Open Meeting 6Aug 6-9pm Jerry Isdale 8/3/15
Photos of space during early buildout Peter Menningen 8/1/15
Need Help from someone who has a small metal working Lathe Peter Menningen 7/30/15
Latest tool added to the shop Peter Menningen 7/26/15
Items for project ( candle Stumps) Peter Menningen 7/26/15
Menehune Makers Fundraiser ad help needed short notice Tomorrow Saturday Jully 18 at 10 AM Peter Menningen 7/17/15
Reminder: CNC SIG Meeting Tuesday 30 June 2015 | Maui Makers Jerry Isdale 6/30/15
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