Welcome to Maui Makers Google Group.  We are a Maker Space on Maui HI.  Our web site is  which hosts our blog.  We also have a Facebook Group ( and a google calendar (see blog).  Our location is  362 Pakana St , Wailuku, HI 96793. . Our old location officially closed  September 15th, 2016 (website updated with map link, sorta)
Chime in here to say hello and introduce yourself!

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This Weekend Shop reorginazation Feb 4 &5 2017 Peter Menningen 3/3/17
This Tuesday Menehune Makers Feb 28 2017 Structured Play Peter Menningen 2/27/17
This Tuesday -- Feb 21,2017 Take Apart Tuesday Repeat 5:30 to 8:30 Peter Menningen 2/17/17
Need a favor : want to borrow a 2" or longer dial indicator to calibrate a machine Peter Menningen 2/17/17
Do you have a Use for Wood sawdust , Shavings, or small wood scraps in your craft projects or home Peter Menningen 2/17/17
Announcement Our makerspace just received a loan of a wood lathe Peter Menningen 2/3/17
Possible Project Just in Planning Peter Menningen 1/28/17
Planning a "Take Apart Tuesday " event for Keiki and adults Peter Menningen 1/23/17
At Repair Cafes, ‘Beloved but Broken’ Possessions Find New Life Bob Zoller 1/21/17
This Thursday Jan 26 2017 Arduino Class using Protosnap Board By Jerry Isdale Peter Menningen 1/21/17
Upcoming Menehune Makers event Tuesday Peter Menningen 1/20/17
Arduino etc SIG Tonight Thurs 6-9pm Jerry Isdale 1/19/17
Fwd: Art of Trash 2017 Receiving Day for Artwork Jerry Isdale 1/13/17
Fwd: Comparing the Same Design Fabricated with Filament Printing, Resin, and CNC Jerry Isdale 1/13/17
Some thoughts on our standard program evenings. Peter Menningen 1/9/17
Announcement Python introductory session Peter Menningen 1/8/17
Tonight Tues. Jan 3rd Monthly Public meeting! Brian Thomas 1/3/17
Happy New Year Makers jerryIsdale 1/1/17
Feb4 - ArT=Mixx: Metamorphosis... Costume Making! Jerry Isdale 12/29/16
New Opportunity for members Peter Menningen 12/28/16
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