Welcome to Maui Makers Google Group.  We are a Maker Space on Maui HI.  Our web site is  which hosts our blog.  We also have a Facebook Group ( and a google calendar (see blog).  Our new location as of 1Feb15 is 200 Waiehu Beach Rd, Wailuku, HI 96793 (website updated with map link, sorta)
Chime in here to say hello and introduce yourself!

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Create a New Makerspace Peter Menningen 8/12/16
First Look preview Artists conception of the new proposed space Peter Menningen 6/13/16
Coming Soon to a Makerspace near you Peter Menningen 6/8/16
Material for shop Peter Menningen 3/25/16
Packing this weekend. Small box move Sunday Laura Ulibarri 8/29/16
Packing this weekend. Small box move Sunday Laura Ulibarri 8/27/16
Makerspace design challenge #2 Peter Menningen 8/25/16
Maker space design challenge #1 Peter Menningen 8/25/16
Packing for The Move... Jerry Isdale 8/25/16
Fwd: Building a Folding Shop Workbench | Make: Jerry Isdale 8/23/16
Pardon our Dust Makerspace is moving Peter Menningen 8/14/16
Shop tools Build out period for the new space Peter Menningen 8/12/16
Open nights/days Jason Beattie 7/31/16
Lowe's Tangos With Google To Help You Remodel Your Home In Augmented Reality Jerry Isdale 7/18/16
Fwd: Todd Nacapuy - CIO State pf Hawaii Visit - Thursday 8/4 Jerry Isdale 7/8/16
Visit to Artisans Asylum on Sat. Video's Brian Thomas 6/17/16
Lathe task looking for a Volunteer + More Shop Peter Menningen 6/7/16
Makers Open House 2June 6-9pm BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Jerry Isdale 6/1/16
Instructables Makerspace Contest Jerry Isdale 6/1/16
Maui Techies Meetup (North Shore)! Wed June 1 Jerry Isdale 5/22/16
Call to Volunteers Need help at outreach events or Manning the space Peter Menningen 5/13/16
Raspberry Pi Project Help for space Peter Menningen 5/12/16
Open House/Public Meeting Thurs 5 May Jerry Isdale 5/3/16
New tool in shop Peter Menningen 4/10/16
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