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Stern-Brocot tree (another way to generate the rationals) michel paul 7/22/16
numerical methods (was a question about infinity / countability) kirby urner 7/22/16
a question about infinity / countability kirby urner 7/22/16
mathematics and discourse analysis Rogério Lourenco 7/22/16
public / private partnerships in Oregon and the future of math teaching kirby urner 7/22/16
What questions are we investigating? Andrius Kulikauskas 7/19/16
Wildberger, hypergroups, groups and computer programs Andrius Kulikauskas 7/18/16
the "power law" (linear, areal, volumetric :: 1 : 2 : 3) kirby urner 7/17/16
Should mathematics course requirements be satisfied by computer science courses? michel paul 7/16/16
Do spheres exist? Joseph Austin 7/12/16
from "worlds" to "domains"... kirby urner 7/9/16
Privacy Math kirby urner 7/9/16
Why--the secret to teaching math. Joseph Austin 7/8/16
networking and spiraling kirby urner 7/8/16
2 days left: please help me crowdfund our new book on problem-solving for the young MariaD 7/7/16
What is geometry? Andrius Kulikauskas 7/7/16
"Write four digits in a 2x2 square": Maths problem from Year 5. What is it called? johnbibby 7/4/16
thinking about The Math Myth kirby urner 7/4/16
tensors... kirby urner 7/2/16
article on "Church of TI" and the death of US K-12 math kirby urner 7/1/16
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