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Privacy Math kirby urner 11:13 AM
What is geometry? Andrius Kulikauskas 6/28/16
MathPiper Lesson 6: The hidden rules mathematicians use to solve elementary algebra equations tkosan 6/26/16
Andrius World and Clifford Algebra Andrius Kulikauskas 6/23/16
another Flying Circus Monday kirby urner 6/21/16
Multiplication, transformation and preservation Andrius Kulikauskas 6/21/16
help with research project Abdullah Alasmary 6/20/16
Visual Complex Analysis Andrius Kulikauskas 6/19/16
Geometric Algebra and Clifford Algebra Andrius Kulikauskas 6/18/16
Adventures in Circle Folding Andrius Kulikauskas 6/18/16
CS-friendly math and Euclid's Method kirby urner 6/17/16
Implicit Math vs. Explicit Math Andrius Kulikauskas 6/16/16
Non-non-example-of-non-associativity Andrius Kulikauskas 6/15/16
One wrong button, 25 spam messages MariaD 6/15/16
thoughts about Clifford Algebra kirby urner 6/14/16
Half-cubes, sphere-folding, tetrahedrons... Andrius Kulikauskas 6/14/16
new Jupyter Notebook (feedback welcome) kirby urner 6/12/16
MathPiper Lesson 5: Tree pattern matching and transformation rules tkosan 6/12/16
Philosophy and Technology Andrius Kulikauskas 6/9/16
thinking about The Math Myth kirby urner 6/9/16
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