The MassTransit mailing list is for discussion and support questions related to MassTransit, a free, open source, lightweight service bus for the Microsoft .NET framework. Related components, such as Automatonymous, are also considered on-topic and welcome in this group.


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Retry for activities in Courier using Autofac poptartsareart 9:04 AM
Kafka MassTransit Ian Patterson 2/23/18
v4 and MongoDB saga/statemachine persistence Nick Archibald 2/21/18
Having issues with turnout endpoint OK Developer 2/21/18
Combining retries and redelivery Alex Wheat 2/21/18
How to properly handle unexpected asynchronous events in different saga states? Alex Wheat 2/15/18
Prefetch limited to 16? Adam Schaible 2/14/18
ActiveMQ / Amazon MQ Justin Haygood 2/13/18
RabbitMQ - Publish to direct exchange with RoutingKey Robert Slaney 2/7/18
Failed to stop service because BusHandle.Stop was canceled Emir Ključanin 2/1/18
Starting MT just for setting up exchanges and queue, not for consuming Matteo Spreafico 1/30/18
SagaSpecification throwing duplicate key exception Sadprofessor 1/30/18
3.3.5 -> 4.0.1 breaking durability change Sadprofessor 1/28/18
.net core 2 with MassTransit 4(all versions) channel storm? Tim Bolz 1/24/18
Setting prefetch count per consumer Chris Robison 1/24/18
Retry mechanism for activities in Courier Emir Ključanin 1/22/18
How to get new instance of routing slip activity or consumer when using retry Emir Ključanin 1/22/18
Masstransit 4.0.0 Frank Tamminga 1/22/18
InMemoryOutbox, Sagas and Request/Reply client Kenneth Avner 1/21/18
Release documentation / change log Kenneth Avner 1/19/18
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