The MassTransit mailing list is for discussion and support questions related to MassTransit, a free, open source, lightweight service bus for the Microsoft .NET framework. Related components, such as Automatonymous, are also considered on-topic and welcome in this group.


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How to add custom headers to the message context Wallonman 6/15/18
Request/Response monitoring extensibility points Robert Slaney 6/7/18
Publish/Consume message based on schema (loosely coupled publisher and subscriber) Tomasz Hodorek 6/6/18
warn when upgrading masstransit from 3.5.7 to 5.1.2 Oren Kupershtein 6/5/18
context.CompleteTask usage Oren Kupershtein 5/28/18
Publishing custom event when routing slip completes Emir Ključanin 5/27/18
Documentation for MassTransit 5.1.2 5/24/18
CircuitBreaker simulation Wallonman 4/27/18
Update to MassTransit 3.5.x - no documentation, nothing Sandro Lange 4/23/18
Saga storage engines habib salimi 4/20/18
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع shader j 4/19/18
Auditing and Observing message, how to get the IConsumer Wallonman 4/18/18
Error queue naming convention Wallonman 4/18/18
MassTransit 5 Icy 4/17/18
Get autofac ILifetimeScope from context in observer Tim Cools 4/12/18
non-MassTransit publisher and MassTransit/Azure service bus subscriber Jakub 4/6/18
The * event is not handled during the * state for the * state machine Joe Ivans 4/5/18
Custom bus queue name Дмитрий Ушенко 3/31/18
Quartz integration tutorial Mehdin Hodzic 3/29/18
[Sample Request] Multi-Tenancy with MT3 Maverik Gately 3/25/18
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