The MassTransit mailing list is for discussion and support questions related to MassTransit, a free, open source, lightweight service bus for the Microsoft .NET framework. Related components, such as Automatonymous, are also considered on-topic and welcome in this group.


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Is it possible to send message from Saga that declared as interface? Alex Wheat 7:15 AM
Dependency Injection into Sagas Bartosz Ladziński 9/22/17
Masstransit thread safety / WCF mmaier 9/21/17
Using Assembly name instead of ProcessName in default exchange/queue names when using .net core Ben Castelow 9/19/17
Creating observers with DI Adrian Wright 9/16/17
[SAGA] Cannot reschedule the message in ".Received" statement Carmine 9/14/17
"Cleaning" up subscriber exchange and queue Jackson Louie 9/12/17
Querying sagas via repository Дмитрий Ушенко 9/12/17
Improving publish rates for MassTransit... Ben Kyrlach 9/12/17
Threading and Dependency Injection for a Queue Consumer Adrian Wright 9/12/17
RabbitMQ - Publish to direct exchange with RoutingKey Robert Slaney 9/10/17
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع kamal a 9/1/17
Masstransit Azure Service Bus message inheritance codebrainr 9/1/17
.net core sample app 8/30/17
MassTransit saga states receiving unexpected events Diego Amaral 8/28/17
The best way to suppress MongoDbConcurrencyException in Saga Alexei K 8/27/17
Problem with Mass Transit connect to RabbitMq Cluster Joseph Oravec 8/24/17
Kafka MassTransit Ian Patterson 8/23/17
How to test sagas Alex Wheat 8/23/17
Automatonymous saga - composite correlation key Adrian Wawrzak 8/23/17
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