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Same nested container for Observer and consumer Pratik Vasani 8/23/16
Bulk consumption of messages Kelly Cliffe 8/22/16
Azure service bus Jeff Posey 8/22/16
RapidTransit - execute code after service is started Zeljko Vujaklija 8/22/16
Kafka MassTransit Ian Patterson 8/18/16
3.3.5 nuget package Jeff Posey 8/17/16
TaskCanceledException, ConsumerModelShutdown - caused disconnection to RabbitMQ Tomer Yoskovich 8/17/16
How to get access to the Autofac LifetimeScope that wraps the consumer. Gert Jansen van Rensburg 8/17/16
bus.AsObservable issues Alexey Zimarev 8/17/16
Request/Response with one client and many RequestService Lior Dadon 8/15/16
Duplicate messages when using HA queues Alexey Zimarev 8/15/16
Polling Consumer Ozcan Bircan 8/13/16
Wrapping the bus and responding to connection failures 8/12/16
Should sagas (used via request/response) throw known exceptions? Jedidja Bourgeois 8/12/16
MassTransit Schedule message with quartz not working Tomer Yoskovich 8/11/16
Setting prefetch count per consumer Chris Robison 8/11/16
Transactions and the cloud David Nichol 8/10/16
How to flow a correlation id that start out side MT3. Gert Jansen van Rensburg 8/9/16
Turnout with RabbitMQ Production Ready? Adam Drees 8/9/16
Concrete type restriction in IConsumerFactory Eric St-Georges 8/9/16
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