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Overwintering Eggs question Greg Dysart 5/5/15
MBC Field Trip to Weir Hill and Boston Hill at the Charles W. Ward Reservation Dawn Puliafico 5/5/15
May 4 butterflies Barbara Volkle and Steve Moore 5/5/15
Falmouth first Alison Robb 5/5/15
Eastern Pine Elfin in Williamsburg carol 5/5/15
Butterflies in Stichter garden, Newbury Ma 5/5/15 Joseph Stichter 5/5/15
Finally a Really Great Butterfly donald adams 5/5/15
Big Bend, TX Leps, etc. brian cassie 5/5/15
Foxboro butterflies 5/4/15
Great Blue Hill Canton Lauren Griffith 5/4/15
Elfins--Montague Plains 5/4/15
Frosted Elfins flying Albany Pine Bush nan wilson 5/4/15
Guidelines for reports on butterflies seen! Howard Hoople 5/4/15
West Virginia White, Whately, MA, 5/3/15 5/4/15
Rocky Narrows, Sherborn 5/3/2015 Michael Newton 5/3/15
Five Elfin Day Barbara Volkle and Steve Moore 5/3/15
Great day! Dawn Puliafico 5/3/15
Sunderland WV Whites and Montague Elfins Cloutier 5/3/15
Finally a Butterfly ... donald adams 5/3/15
Brown, Hoary and Henry's Elfins this weekend Steven Whitebread 5/3/15
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