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GTFS Realtime VS Scheduled data Paul Harrington 7/28/16
vehicle id's? Nicholas Johnson 7/25/16
MBTA "Featured App" RFP now live! Developer at MBTA 7/22/16
Daily API call limit is the sum of all calls everywhere or is it per device? Ken Yee 7/22/16
Green Line Realtime Data Trip IDs Mooshroom •_• 7/22/16
better ETag for Departures.csv would reduce bandwidth Eric Slosser 7/21/16
New performance data available in MBTA's API! Developer at MBTA 7/20/16
Stale GTFS schedule data? Walter Oney 7/13/16
trip_headsign format changed for Green Line West StefanW 7/13/16
Commuter rail systems update Developer at MBTA 7/11/16
MBTA Site Information vs GTFS Feed Paul Harrington 7/8/16
Status update: planned maintenance Sunday morning Developer at MBTA 7/7/16
Lag on cancelled Commuter Rail trains getting updated in API? Andy 6/17/16
Mismatched gtfs zip files Michael Barry 6/16/16
Bus and subway predictions outage Developer at MBTA 6/9/16
zero padding on trip_short_name Brian 6/2/16
Departures.csv feed "lateness" column is reporting the same values for the "scheduled" column Eric 6/2/16
Archive of GTFS Realtime? Shawn Connor 5/29/16
CapeFlyer live data - please?? StefanW 5/27/16
APIv2 heavy rail vehicle_id issue? StefanW 5/24/16
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