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Departures feed inconsistencies Eric 9/30/16
Green line predictions Jeff Lopes 9/29/16
Wachusett Stop Order in Realtime API Caleb Sander 9/29/16
System status update: bus predictions Developer at MBTA 9/19/16
vehicle_timestamp / other timestamp questions StefanW 9/16/16
TripUpdate Real Time Data Errors Paul Harrington 9/16/16
Predictions include terminal arrivals? Jeff Lopes 9/15/16
Lack of GPS data on commuter rail Eric 9/14/16
Ferry Colors & Realtime Data Andrew Ferreira 9/9/16
Route 91 Trip Updates Paul Harrington 9/8/16
Zone and/or Fare data for commuter raul? John Jannotti 9/6/16
CapeFlyer has no destination in the departures feed Caleb Sander 9/6/16
How to get nearby MBTA Stop from my current location Pratik Mundada 9/6/16
Bus 47 predictions not available in MBTA realtime API Andrew Ferreira 8/30/16
Last 2 digits of service ID M Scott 8/24/16
Schedule calendar and calendar_dates overlap Paul Harrington 8/19/16
Worcester is not named consistently in the departure boards feed Caleb Sander 8/18/16
GTFS Real Time TripUpdate StopTimeUpdates with only one of "arrival" or "departure" populated Paul Harrington 8/17/16
CR trains in old feed, missing from APIv2 StefanW 8/12/16
Commuter rail stop_names in GTFS Developer at MBTA 8/11/16
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