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Commuter Rail trips missing from APIv2 StefanW 12/9/16
V2 Predictions by Stop Headsign Issue Samuel Custer 12/7/16
vehicle_id in v2 API Andy 12/2/16
GTFS-realtime change on 11/30/16 Developer at MBTA 11/30/16
Subway diversions for maintenance reflected in data feed? StefanW 11/22/16
TripUpdate and VehiclePosition Interoperability Paul Harrington 11/21/16
Status update: Commuter rail predictions Developer at MBTA 11/21/16
predictionsbyroute API empty for all commuter rail trips this morning Eric 11/21/16
Route 91 Trip Updates Paul Harrington 11/14/16
No Red Line NB Predictions Andrew Ferreira 11/10/16
Lateness in the departures feed Eric 11/3/16
Incorrect trip heading George Schneeloch 10/28/16
stopsbyroute duplicate Stop_order (miles away). José Rodríguez 10/24/16
Easier GTFS-realtime Brian Ferris 10/21/16
Vehicle Positions Update interval Patrick Greenwell 10/21/16
Bus data down in API Developer at MBTA 10/20/16
Historical Data like https://mbtaviz.github.io/ Felix Holub 10/17/16
Planned downtime tonight Developer at MBTA 10/11/16
Run Numbers Damian Burgos 10/11/16
Real-time site down? Andrew Ferreira 10/7/16
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