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Trips that should appear on more than one route's schedule (multi_route_trips.txt) Developer at MBTA 2/22/17
problems with prediction data for commuter rail trains Brian 2/21/17
mbta backontrack download reliability data error Raymond Cha 2/21/17
MBTA API Usage limits Prashant Verma 2/20/17
T Logo usage Andrew Ferreira 2/12/17
Real-time API unavailable Andrew Ferreira 2/8/17
Commuter rail predictions down Developer at MBTA 2/6/17
Green Line Trip Ids Paul Harrington 2/1/17
TripUpdates and Rail Paul Harrington 2/1/17
Severe Weather Commuter Rail schedules in GTFS Developer at MBTA 1/26/17
Bus route 431 is invalid Caleb Sander 1/26/17
Two digit train numbers (no leading zero) ?? StefanW 1/25/17
MBTA plans for upcoming improvements Developer at MBTA 1/24/17
MBTA Developer Portal error marco.dal...@gmail.com 1/24/17
Subway diversions for maintenance reflected in data feed? StefanW 1/22/17
Red & Orange Lines have mystery trip IDs Andrew Ferreira 1/21/17
Incorrect stop name on routes 72, 74, 75, and 78 Caleb Sander 1/20/17
SSL Cert expired Zev Eisenberg 1/15/17
'AFC' shortName in departure board Brian 1/14/17
simple GTFS-based RSS feed to access ETAs of specified bus line Christopher Scott 1/14/17
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