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Welcome to the Marpa parser Google group.  This group is for discussion of the Marpa parser.  There is also an IRC channel, which currently is more active: #marpa on .

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To mark the occasion, a short composition Paul Bennett 10/24/16
Java 8 Parser Harry 10/18/16
L0 oddity Haroldo Stenger 10/3/16
Updated annotated index of the Ocean of Awareness blog Jeffrey Kegler 9/29/16
Help with libmarpa ranking and ambiguity 9/3/16
Testing a grammar 8/26/16
New blog post: Parsing, an expanded timeline Jeffrey Kegler 8/23/16
Capture and backreference, arbitrary parts in the grammar, and AST pattern matching Haroldo Stenger 8/10/16
Next-gen Marpa DSL 8/9/16
Marpa from Ruby 8/8/16
how to handle comments alongside regular code Haroldo Stenger 7/19/16
Benchmark of a simple arithmetic parser (vs Perl 5 regex) Perl Ancar 6/19/16
libmarpa API questions Andreas Kupries 5/27/16
Marpa::R3, Perl license Jeffrey Kegler 5/3/16
Blog post: Binary parsing with Marpa: .class files Durand Jean-Damien 3/28/16
New blog post: the intro from my Marpa book-in-progress Jeffrey Kegler 3/23/16
New blog post: "What parser do birds use?" Jeffrey Kegler 3/9/16
Ambiguous words probably make communicating easier Ron Savage 2/24/16
ANNOUNCE: Gloria has begun Paul Bennett 2/6/16
Re: Parsing as taking the derivative of a grammar Anton Dyudin 1/12/16
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