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Welcome to the Marpa parser Google group.  This group is for discussion of the Marpa parser.  There is also an IRC channel, which currently is more active: #marpa on .

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Questions about slif grammar edge cases. Andreas Kupries 3/30/17
decorate AST with input line numbers? Stefan Gottschalk 3/27/17
Understanding actions, default and custom, where to start from? Daniel Blanch 3/16/17
Marpa::R2 support of 5.10.0 Jeffrey Kegler 3/14/17
New release of Marpa R2 -- 4.000000 Jeffrey Kegler 3/14/17
Questions about error handling in Earley parsers Maarten 3/10/17
A second Marpa::R2 release candidate Jeffrey Kegler 3/6/17
Important: new developer's release of Marpa::R2 Jeffrey Kegler 3/1/17
Switching between grammars in one parse Paul Bennett 2/21/17
Kind words for Marpa auf Deutsch Jeffrey Kegler 2/12/17
Trying to understand prioritized rules, but my grammar fails to parse when I use the loosen operator 2/3/17
Finding a parse inside a (potentially long) string? Steven Haryanto 12/23/16
How is precedence handling implemented? Ian Tegebo 12/20/16
To mark the occasion, a short composition Paul Bennett 10/24/16
Java 8 Parser Harry 10/18/16
L0 oddity Haroldo Stenger 10/3/16
Updated annotated index of the Ocean of Awareness blog Jeffrey Kegler 9/29/16
Help with libmarpa ranking and ambiguity 9/3/16
Testing a grammar 8/26/16
New blog post: Parsing, an expanded timeline Jeffrey Kegler 8/23/16
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